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Miraku on Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse Closed?

Is it true? Is my favorite sushi restaurant in the area closed? Does anyone have any suggestions for another good, reasonably-priced sushi restaurant in the area? I like Ooka, but it's always so crowded and cramped. I liked Miraku because I could always get a table, the sushi was fresh and it was BYOB.

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  1. Although not big Sushi folks ourselves, we have several friends who are, who all say they love Blue Fin on Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting. Might be worth a try to see if you agree.

    1. Vic down the street from there is my go to sushi place in the area.

      BTW, it appears that Sushikazu in Blue Bell is now closed as well.

      1. Major bummer, Miraku played a big part in my developing a love for sushi. Bluefin is wonderful but pricey, and I loved Vic when it was downtown but haven't been to the new location. This is definitely a loss.

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        1. This is a loss, but we still love Fuji in the Whole Foods shopping center 5 minutes away from Miraku.

          Reasonable prices, great service, always fresh, and BYOB.

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            I am not a sushi fan myself, so take this with a grain of salt. There is a sushi bar inside of Eastern Dragon - which is in the shopping center near Costo at 202 & 309. Can't speak to the sushi, but their Chinese food is very good IMHO.

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              I was incorrect about Sushikazu. I drove by it last night and it was open. However, if you didn't see the "open" sign you would think it was closed since there are rarely any cars in their parking lot.

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                Sushikazu is pretty bad. I don't really like to crush a place but I went there twice and got some leathery sushi both times. Definitely hitting up Vic today for lunch though!

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                  Just got back from Vic Sushi, it's a very pleasant place. Shoebox small but with nice people and fresh sushi. I'll definitely be back.

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                    Glad you had a good experience there.

                    Yes, it is small, but everyone who works there is super nice. For me it's one of those places that I am happy to give my business to because of nice they are and how good the food is.

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                Eastern Dragon has another location in towamencin too. I don't get the sushi but I have noticed a lot of people enjoying it over the years.

            2. I've been meaning to post about this for a while and now is the time.

              There is a new sushi place up at English Village Shopping Plaza called Kumo. The outside is low key with darkened glass so you might miss it driving around the first time. The food, however, is excellent and the prices VERY reasonable. Lunch specials are generous (e.g. soup, salad and three rolls for $11.50) and the tempura is about the best I've ever had. Service is attentive but not intrusive.

              I've been several times. You will not be disappointed by Kumo.

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                I really wanted to like the new Sushikazu since it is literally 2 minutes from my house and I had such fond memories of it when Bruce was running it, but it was the worst sushi I have had, which includes supermarket sushi.

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                  Vic is way better than Miraku ever was. Kumo is a good alternative. Cho Cho San a bit farther up 309 is also great. I would rate them: Vic #1, cho cho san a very close second, then Kumo. Miraku would not be in the same class as these 3 very nearby restaurants, which is a probably a good reason why it closed.

                2. re: Chefpaulo

                  Went there yesterday after I read the review. Eel/avocado roll was good. Wasabi did not have any kicks left in it. Udon noodle soup came with a very good salad - fresh, crisp, not drowning in sauce. The tempora was decent even though I had no clue how they got the shrimp to fry so straight and so LONG (instead of 2 inches, each was 4 inches long). The noodle soup disappointed because its broth was thin (water + soy sauce?) and luke warm. Those, to me, are the 2 reasons why I won't order noodle soup there again...unless they switch to serving it steaming hot, in rich but clear broth. Service was very good. The place is also comfortable to sit in even for a solo customer. I will go back to try the other sushi.

                3. We noticed Miraku was closed a few weeks ago when we were at the UPS Store there. very sad!
                  I agree with all the recommendations for Vic, Fuji and Cho Cho San. Fuji has 1/2 price sushi on Mon and Tues! We tried Blue Fin once and it was good, but not great for us. Sushikazu unfortunately is the worst now... if we don't feel like going very far afield we go to East Cuisine in Broadaxe... good sushi and lots of other options as well.

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                    I've never understood the fanaticism about Bluefin. I've been there like 5 or 6 times and it's good, but nowhere near the "omgthisisthebestplaceEVAR!" reputation it seems to have. It's a solid place, but there are many others that are just as solid.

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                      I am with you 100% about Bluefin. I thought the fish was good, but every time I went, whether it be for takeout or eating in, the service was DREADFUL.

                      As I wrote, Vic is my go to place, but Umai is also very good. Before Vic opened I would go to Fuji and Cho Cho San, but I since Vic opened I would say that 95% of my sushi dollars go there.

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                        I would go to Vic a lot more - but DH doesn't eat avocado and most of their special rolls have it. We've tried asking for his order w/o, but then mine comes with out avo as well! boo! I go there with one of my girlfriends, but eat out w/ DH more.

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                          Vic Sushi in Spring House - finally found the place and tasted their sushi. Their stuff tasted FRESH. Correct, they use avocado on specailty rolls. But what tasty and creamy avocado they used. The Thai soup was hot, too. It's a relief that I now have a place to go for dinner near my house. The place is intimate. But I won't hesitate to invite friends to go with me, even American friends.

                          1. re: borntolovefood

                            I love Vic's Tom Yum soup. It's definitely spicy.

                            Looking forward to dinner tonight. :)

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                              I was there last night - had the dancing kani roll among other things... love the tom yum soup! :)

                          2. re: Cheesesteak

                            Went to Bluefin once. They were just opening up for business that day. The young sushi makers were talking to and joking with each other, very loudly in Korean. They really were quite careless about the sushi they made. Such lack of professionalism did show in the taste of the sushi I ate. Not impressed. Have not been back.

                        2. Burbgirl - don't sweat miraku --- go to VIC - it is absolutely the BEST.
                          really nice people
                          phenomenal fish.
                          you won't be disappointed.

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                            Thank you so much for all the replies. I tried Vic, and I must say, it was good, but Miraku was better :( While I'll overlook atmosphere for outstanding food, I thought the sushi there was just ok and that combined with the takeout (phone ringing, line of takeout customers at the counter, etc) atmosphere just didn't do it for me. The prices and service were excellent, but the sushi wasn't as good as Miraku. I could see getting takeout there on occasion, but it just didn't compare to Miraku for my monthly sushi "night out." I'll continue my search ....

                          2. How about Umami Umami in Dresher? It is relatively new. Have heard it is very good, but pricey.
                            The parking lot looks empty most of the time. Anyone know about it??

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                              Umami Umami is very good. I don't know that it's any more pricey than say, Ooka, and the menu is pretty varied, including some Korean dishes (Bulgogi, for one). Service is very good. It's not a BYO. I'm not sure why it hasn't caught on more quickly.

                              1. re: tourmama

                                IMO Ooka has not caught on as much as some of the others because it's not a BYO. Sushi isn't a cheap night out so when you add $10 glasses of wine or cocktails it gets even more expensive.

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                                  Xmas Eve Vic was closed so I ended up ordering Kumo instead. All I can say it was truly disappointing and some of the worst sushi I have had. Maybe half was eaten.

                                  Started with the tuna tartare. Honestly it looked like it came right out of a can with some spicy mayo mixed in. It didn't taste much better.

                                  Tropical roll (spicy tuna, white tuna, avocado topped with tempura banana) - roll was absolutely flavorless and banana was mushy with no signs of any panko breading

                                  Angel roll (spicy tuna, crunch topped with avocado, eel and salmon) - again roll was flavorless. Crunch was anything but crunchy

                                  Spicy girl roll (spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, crunch topped with tobiko) - another flavorless roll with soggy crunch

                                  I know it was Xmas Eve, but for all items ordered to be poor to mediocre pretty much ensures that this will be a one and done for me. Back to Vic tonight.

                                  1. re: mitchh

                                    Well this isn't good news! We are supposed to have a birthday dinner there next weekend. I think I need to chat with the group and make other plans. Thanks for the heads up.