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Using up Halloween candy in baked goods, or, "brownies with benefits"?

I've seen some recipes lately incorporating Halloween candy - a candy corn fudge (ehh), a Nerds ice cream sandwich (the horror...) and meringues with peppermint patties in them (sound terrific for the holidays) in "Wonan's Day" mag for example.
They got me thinking, which can be a dangerous thing. I am pondering making brownies with Milk Duds and possibly malt balls in them (the latter having been scorned by our trick or treaters). Should I? If so, should I melt the Duds and use them as a swirl? Can I get some pretels in there somewhere?
What say you? Where does your leftover candy disappear to?

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  1. Chopped candy bars this season include (mounds, almond joy, reese's patties and kit kats) so we'll make cupcakes, brownies, cookie dough, fondue and re purposed candy out of all of it. Along with your idea for brownies, variations for 7 layer bar cookies come to mind. Then we head to the senior center and foodbank with the baked goods.

    buttertart, I don't see any reason why milkduds and pretzels wouldn't be delicious in a brownie or cookie....in any number of combos or forms. I'm not a fan of maltballs so I can't help there.

    1. I make what I call Halloween cookies every year, but with leftover Snicker fun bars bought now, that I save in the garage til closer to Christmas. It's a peanut butter cookie dough, and then you squeeze it around the candy bar. After it bakes, the caramel and chocolate are all melted inside and you'd never know. It's an old famous recipe, lots of people tell me their Mom's used to make it.


      I've made it with other ones like Milky Ways and Reeses, but Snickers is the best. I make all my Christmas cookies small, so I prefer fun size, rather than snack.

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        i make something similar but use a peanut butter/ oatmeal cookie dough and chop up the candy bars and incorporate them into the dough. i call them chunky junkies. :)

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          It's cool how they melt in and no one knows how you did it. My Mom first thing said "How did you get the caramel inside?" I told her of course, hope I didn't ruin it for her.

        2. I wonder if you could milk duds like rolos and make milk dud pretzels:


          Googling, these look great: peanut butter milk dud pretzel cookies.


          Worth trying to figure out. I might get working on that.

          BTW, who turns their noses up at malted milk balls? They're one of my favorites!

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            A little 7-year-old princess. I'm not mad about them myself.

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              I like the Whoppers, et al, but for some reason they make me cough. A lot.

            2. You can pretty much use any candy (plus pretzels!) for these chocolate candy bar squares. I made them for a super bowl party earlier this year.


              1. I was going to make brownies with a layer of peppermint patties in the middle. I just have to find a bake sale to give them to.

                1. Great ideas here, thanks! Keep 'em coming!

                  1. Leftover candy what's that?

                    Kidding! I'd make bark, the pretzels would play well with all the sweetness.

                    1. I have made blondies with left-over Hallowe'en chocolate bars.. think that this is the recipe that I used:
                      The Food Librarian also has a great recipe for candy bar bundt cake, as part of her glorious "I Like Big Bundts" series..
                      I adore malt balls and unable to control myself around them. However, I am sure that I have made blondies with both malt balls and malted milk powder.. hmmm.. think that it was the brewer's blondie from Baked?

                      1. I often buy caramilk bars with the express purpose of adding them to brownies; the rolos will be great. Just stir them into the batter and there will be little pockets of gooey caramel goodness.

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                          Caramilk bars in brownies is brill. Love it! They're not as easily found here as in Canada.

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                            No Caramilk! I have deep sympathy for you! I just assumed they were available pretty much everywhere.

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                              So did I! The horror! Buttertart, I am heading to NYC next week to visit a friend.. could always pack some caramilk bars....

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                                :) Thank you rstuart! All I need right now is more candy! Heheh.
                                They do have "Caramello" bars here but they're not as readily available as up home. Chocolate doesn't taste the same either.

                                1. re: buttertart

                                  Very true; I've always found America chocolate bars rather disappointing.. and British chocolate even better than Canadian. I believe that all of the formulations are different.
                                  On the other hand, I can't wait to visit Trader Joe's, which we *don't* have up here!

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                                    Buy the "pound plus" chocolate at TJs, it's Callebaut and cheap as dirt. Even souschef likes it.

                                    1. re: buttertart

                                      Will do! The last time I was in NYC, I lost patience and walked out of TJs (the line-ups were UNREAL). This time, I will plan a bit better and go there earlier in the day.. not when everyone is just getting off work!

                                      1. re: rstuart

                                        Oh absolutely! I find the one on the upper west side tolerable at midafternoon even on weekends. Used to be absolutely terrible when there was only the 14th St store. Check locations and plan your attack. I like their chocolate (shelved above frozen goods), nuts, some produce, and the soy chorizo. I don't buy their packaged goods much but their holiday candies are supposed to be good. Saffron is pretty reasonable there too. Lots of info on the Chains board.

                                        1. re: buttertart

                                          Soy Chorizo... that sounds great. Was going to focus on chocolate..

                                          1. re: rstuart

                                            It's really good, and it's veg, so should be easily transportable across the border.

                        2. I love malt balls too! The brownies sound great. I've also chopped up leftover Halloween candy and used it in place of chocolate chips in toll house cookies. One of my other favorites is to make cupcakes (I usually use a yellow butter cake recipe, but you could use a chocolate cake or other recipe) by filling the cup half way up, putting a Halloween candy on top (anything covered in chocolate) and then filling the cup over the candy. It comes out kind of like having the frosting inside the cupcake. I think I read that suggestion in Martha Stewart Living a few years ago.

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                            You've got me with this idea. I'm making a cake and adding candy in the middle. Hoping it doesn't weigh down the batter but it'll still be good. Thanks for the idea.

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                              Try making the cake as a layer cake. While still warm, put bottom half on serving plate, cover w/ chopped candies, then place still warm other layer on top. Yummy melted goodness. I also make brownies in a mini muffin tin and place a small bite sized candy in batter so the batter covers the candy. Mini snickers, milky ways and baby ruth's are especially good in this application. I call them surprise brownies.

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                                Brownies might be a good one to try but I don't like overly sweet things, either. I made the Restaurant Eve yellow cake because it's a denser cake and I thought would hold up to candy. It makes a thick 8" cake. I poured half the batter in, added candy, poured in rest of batter (mostly kitkats, some butterfingers, reese's pb cups). It baked up fine and I cut both layers in half. In between three of them, I put ice cream, frosted and it's in the freezer now. I tried the remaining half layer and it's okay. I had a part w/ a kitkat bar so it adds crunch to the cake. But, the question is do I want crunch in a cake? I'll see what it's like when I get to the reese's pb cup in the ice cream cake. Anyway, if I do it again, I'd cut the sugar in the cake and use only candy that melts completely. I'm thinking caramel chocolate or pb would be a good combinations.

                                But, as I think about it, since I don't like overly sweet desserts, it's really overkill to put leftover candy in my cakes/brownies. Maybe I just need to get rid of them by giving them away.:-)

                          2. we used to heat the mini candy bars (3 musketeers, milky way, etc) in the microwave til they melted and caramelized. mmm. those were the days.

                            i'd consider doing Milk Duds with Blondies, and perhaps a browned butter pretzel crust....

                            mini pockets -- make a pate sucree roll out into a large enough shape to house the candy of choice, then wrap dough around and seal. brush with butter and sprinkle with coarse sugar... bake.

                            melted candy can make a sauce for crepes -- mix with a little softened cream cheese and milk or a little sour cream to cut the sweetness

                            milk duds are pretty darn good to stuff in the core of baked apples... just sayin'

                            1. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2008/01/...

                              Another crazy-delicious use for halloween candy is the chocolate covered caramelized matzoh crunch! Tonight we tried a Mounds and Almond Joy version (separately) and it wasn't half bad!

                              1. Vodka-infused gummie bears. Oh, yes.

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                                1. re: GraydonCarter

                                  My friend makes lemon head vodka. Another makes swedish fish martinis, starts w/ melted swedish fish.

                                  1. re: GraydonCarter

                                    Gummibears infused with vodka - don't they deliquesce?

                                    1. re: buttertart


                                      all the rage on college campuses everywhere...even the gummy vitamins.


                                        1. re: buttertart

                                          I don't think so. It's a binge, not in a good way.

                                        2. re: HillJ

                                          Wow, I guess that's the lazy-person's jello shots.

                                          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                            Yeah...and after a handful you get rather lazy :)

                                            1. re: HillJ

                                              Lazy to make, and makes you lazy. It's almost a palindromic snack...

                                    2. For our Halloween thing, I made sugar cookie with candy corn on top of them, and I pressed mini m&ms into the top of my oatmeal cookies... both came out great, and I'd be happy to make them again with left-over candy (if I had any!) Sugar cookies are great to put any small candy in - after Easter I use candy-coated chocolate eggs or those malted eggs to make really cute cookies.

                                      1. Buttertart.. just found another good milk dud specific idea..
                                        Basically a sugar cookie wrapped around a milk dud.
                                        I just got all of a friend's leftovers for the express purpose of making candy bar blondies..

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                                        1. re: rstuart

                                          Yum, I love caramel. I often make cookies wrapped around chocolate (like Hershey's Special Dark Kisses). My dad's favourite cookies are great for that.
                                          Currant Sugar Crinkle Cookies
                                          1 c currants*
                                          1 c soft shortening* half butter or marg
                                          1 1/2 c sugar half brown* firmly packed
                                          1 egg
                                          1 t vanilla
                                          2 1/2 c sifted all-purpose flour
                                          1 t salt
                                          2 t cream of tartar
                                          1 t (baking) soda
                                          Rinse and drain currants
                                          Cream shortening, sugar, egg, and vanilla together.
                                          Sift in flour, salt, soda, and cream of tartar. Mix well. Stir in currants. Shape into balls* about 1" in diameter and roll in sugar. Place on ungreased cookie sheet about 2" apart. Bake at 400 deg F 8-10 min.
                                          Makes about 4 doz.
                                          No currants if filling these, although they're really good with currants too.
                                          Half of the shortening MUST be Crisco, they won't set up right w all butter. My mom usually used margarine in baking except for Christmas stuff and butter tarts.
                                          I use 1 c granulated to 1/2 c light brown if I'm not doing the currant ones.
                                          Form balls around pieces of chocolate or truffle, or push 3 or so choc chips into the balls, or form dough around Hershey's kisses (special dark is nice).
                                          Roll in ground nuts i/o sugar (or part and part). This is good even if you don't "stuff" them. Pistachios are nice for green occasions.
                                          Takes me about 12 mins for these to get done, should be light gold on bottoms. They will be very soft, let cool on cookie sheets for 5 mins or so before moving them to racks

                                        2. My girls and I made Halloween candy ice cream yesterday. Just a vanilla base and everyone got to pick some mini chocolate bars to chop up and add. We've got smarties (Canadian ones!), reese pieces, peanut butter cups, o'henry, kitkat, coffee crisp and probably a couple others I have forgotten about. I layered it up in the container, each scoop should have a good variety!

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                                          1. re: cheesymama

                                            That sounds terrific! I even know what you mean by Smarties (like plain M&Ms, you Yanks).

                                            1. re: buttertart

                                              Smarties are SOOO much better than M&Ms. But I didn't know there was a difference between Canadian and US Smarties. What are Smarties like in the US?

                                              1. re: CanadaGirl

                                                These are US Smarties - I remember them in Canada too but forget whether they're called that there? http://www.smarties.com/product/smart...
                                                Smarties qua Smarties are only sold here as imports from the UK. Otherwise it's M&Ms only.

                                                1. re: buttertart

                                                  Oooooohh. They are called "Rockets" in Canada. I like them (guilty pleasure) but they are so very different from what Canadians call Smarties! I wonder which candy is older?

                                                  1. re: CanadaGirl

                                                    Internet research reveals that (chocolate) Smarties have been made since 1937, originally by Rowntree, now by Nestle; and sugar-wafer Smarties/Rockets have been made by the Ce De company since 1949.

                                                    1. re: CanadaGirl

                                                      Right...Rockets! I forgot. They had a line of these here that dissolved into bubble gum as you chewed them. I loved them but they don't make them any more...

                                              2. re: cheesymama

                                                Wow that's such a good idea, somebody ought to open a chain of frozen yoghert shops where they can add candy to your frozen treats.

                                              3. You inspired me. I bought some half-price candy and made a tray of Snickers Bar brownies to take to church. You couldn't eat them warm because the chopped up snickers bars were molten, but they were sooooo good once they'd been in the fridge overnight.

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                                                1. Why did I read this thread? Why did I think that a good way to get rid of candy was to surround it with sweet buttery dough?
                                                  So I broke up the remaining hershey bars and wrapped them in peanut butter cookie dough. And I have an entire batch! Now if anyone has a healthy recipe for peanut butter/chocolate cookies wrapped in bok choy and turnips, I'd appreciate it.
                                                  Seriously though, fun and tasty!