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Nov 2, 2011 05:33 AM

Using up Halloween candy in baked goods, or, "brownies with benefits"?

I've seen some recipes lately incorporating Halloween candy - a candy corn fudge (ehh), a Nerds ice cream sandwich (the horror...) and meringues with peppermint patties in them (sound terrific for the holidays) in "Wonan's Day" mag for example.
They got me thinking, which can be a dangerous thing. I am pondering making brownies with Milk Duds and possibly malt balls in them (the latter having been scorned by our trick or treaters). Should I? If so, should I melt the Duds and use them as a swirl? Can I get some pretels in there somewhere?
What say you? Where does your leftover candy disappear to?

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  1. Chopped candy bars this season include (mounds, almond joy, reese's patties and kit kats) so we'll make cupcakes, brownies, cookie dough, fondue and re purposed candy out of all of it. Along with your idea for brownies, variations for 7 layer bar cookies come to mind. Then we head to the senior center and foodbank with the baked goods.

    buttertart, I don't see any reason why milkduds and pretzels wouldn't be delicious in a brownie or any number of combos or forms. I'm not a fan of maltballs so I can't help there.

    1. I make what I call Halloween cookies every year, but with leftover Snicker fun bars bought now, that I save in the garage til closer to Christmas. It's a peanut butter cookie dough, and then you squeeze it around the candy bar. After it bakes, the caramel and chocolate are all melted inside and you'd never know. It's an old famous recipe, lots of people tell me their Mom's used to make it.

      I've made it with other ones like Milky Ways and Reeses, but Snickers is the best. I make all my Christmas cookies small, so I prefer fun size, rather than snack.

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        i make something similar but use a peanut butter/ oatmeal cookie dough and chop up the candy bars and incorporate them into the dough. i call them chunky junkies. :)

        1. re: raygunclan

          It's cool how they melt in and no one knows how you did it. My Mom first thing said "How did you get the caramel inside?" I told her of course, hope I didn't ruin it for her.

        2. I wonder if you could milk duds like rolos and make milk dud pretzels:

          Googling, these look great: peanut butter milk dud pretzel cookies.

          Worth trying to figure out. I might get working on that.

          BTW, who turns their noses up at malted milk balls? They're one of my favorites!

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          1. re: chowser

            A little 7-year-old princess. I'm not mad about them myself.

            1. re: chowser

              I like the Whoppers, et al, but for some reason they make me cough. A lot.

            2. You can pretty much use any candy (plus pretzels!) for these chocolate candy bar squares. I made them for a super bowl party earlier this year.


              1. I was going to make brownies with a layer of peppermint patties in the middle. I just have to find a bake sale to give them to.