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Nov 2, 2011 05:01 AM

Has anyone been to Muse in Oxford?

Muse seems to have been open for about 2 weeks - has anyone been? The post menu looks a bit fussy. I would like to try it but economics dictates that the prices are a bit too high to take a chance.

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  1. was pretty good. I posted a full review in the Philly board. I highly recommend the pulled pork mac and cheese app....

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    1. re: bignickpsu

      Thanks for the information. I hope to try it soon. Tonight we are going to the Farmhouse becaus eI am having a craving for their crabcakes!

      1. re: Fiona

        Just curious about how you would rate your meal at Farmhouse. We used to love that place and you're right -- the crabcakes were among the best anywhere! But we've been several times over the past two years and the service seems to get worse every time. Not to mention, the food has been mediocre at best.

        We haven't been back since a really awful experience in May. How was your recent meal? I hate to write them off entirely, but they're definitely on our "never again till we hear fabulous things" list these days.

        1. re: Red Oakley

          We are there a couple of times a year. Two mos ago was the latest. I've always been pleased w the food and service...esp if Bruno, the French guy, is the waiter.

          1. re: gfweb1

            Hi - I am sorry my reoly is so delayed but I didn't see your question until now. Our most recent meal was mixed. The service was good and my main course was fine ( I had pork); my companion's veal dish was grisly and not tender. For dessert we had Banana's Foster and didn't think it was done well. The bananas were over ripe and should not have been used in a dish in which they were cooked and the ice cream had a very strange, sort of cheesy, texture. I don't think we will be going back anytime soon. This is unfortunate since it had been our special occasion place.

    2. In Oxford? Amazing! I predict a struggle; that's a pretty sophisticated joint for that neck of the woods.

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        So far they have done strong business. The night I was there there had to turn walk-ins away because they were booked all night....

      2. We finally made it to Muse. Nice restaurant, very out of place in Oxford, but worth the ride. We ate early and the place was about half full.

        Menu was sophisticated and the food was good, with a couple of missteps. Mushroom soup and pulled pork mac and cheese were very good. The steak frite was a partial success. Steak was great but the frite were limp due to being too close/'covered by the salad and poached egg atop the steak. I say leave leaves and egg out,or at least move them from the fries.

        In any event we will be back.

        1. I've heard that Muse is closing. Catering only in the future. A shame.