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Nov 2, 2011 02:52 AM

Where to purchase Ida Reds or Northern Spys in Mpls-St. Paul?

Check out this Tarte Tatin from Leite's Culinaria:

Does anyone know where I can purchase Ida Reds or Northern Spys or a similar apple in St. Paul or Mpls?


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  1. There are a few apple sellers at the St. Paul Farmer's Market who have a lot of different kinds of apples, though I can't recall if they have these particular kinds. You might also try the co-ops.

    You can probably use any baking apple for a tarte tatin, though. Zestars, Granny Smiths, Regent, whatever.

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    1. re: LiaM

      I really enjoyed the Zestars this fall at the farmers market. I know that guy I was buying them from ran out (thanks to me in small part!) but others may have them.

    2. Try Sweetland Orchards at
      It's a little late for the local farmers markets, but they are doing deliveries in the cities at a number of locations. Check out their website for more information. In addition to Northern Spys, they have Bonnie Bests, which is a wonderful cooking apple. I got a bag from them last weekend. You can email them for recommendations about what's good as well.

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          What are the Bonnie Bests like? Hard? Tart?

        2. I saw Northern Spys at the market at Heartland a few weeks back. I wasn't paying particular attention, but they usually carry other heirloom varieties too. It's worth stopping in - they really have gorgeous produce and other stuff too. (Warning, not the cheapest.)

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            Thanks, Diesel. This supplies the motivation I need to get myself over to Heartland for a look-see. I work close by, so there's no excuse for not having visited yet.

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              I thought I saw Northern Spies at Mississippi Market. I could be wrong. I wasn't looking for them but kind of remember seeing them there. You could call and ask. They have lots of varieties.

              1. re: karykat

                Hi Karykat,
                Were you at the W7th or the Selby Miss. Mkt?

                1. re: soccermom13

                  I was at the Selby store. Rats. I was just there and didn't look. I didn't see them today but like I say - wasn't looking. They have a good selection I think.

                  Give them a buzz. The produce people will know right off.

                  Today I was at the St. Paul farmers market. And bought some Regents. There have been some good apples this year at the market.

                  1. re: karykat

                    Thanks so much, Kary. I'll try to swing by Selby tomorrow.

                    1. re: soccermom13

                      Hi Kary,
                      I did not see N Spys at Miss Mkt, but I bought some other really good apples. The Regents are really good, aren't they? Do you eat them fresh only? How are they in pies/crisps?
                      Thanks again,

                      1. re: soccermom13

                        I suspect that the season for fresh Northern Spies in the market is still going on. They're usually picked starting in mid-October. If Regents are hard to find, Haralsons are similar.

                        1. re: soccermom13

                          I haven't used the Regents in baking. Just got some at the farmers market for eating and they are good.

                          A couple weeks ago I got some harelsons at the farmers market and they were fantastic for a cobbler. They were kind of tart and kept their shape and did not get mushy, But I did not see any more last week.

                          1. re: karykat

                            Thanks, KT and Kary, for this info. Next up for me in my search for apples are Seward Coop and Heartland.

                            1. re: soccermom13

                              I was able to buy some Regents at the farmers market last week but I'm a little disappointed in them. They're not very intense in flavor. Kind of watery. They are destined for applesauce now. I should they asked to taste them first. The coops and the farmers market will let you do that.