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Nov 1, 2011 09:33 PM

How Much Smoked Marlin Paté?

Not sure if you can help me, but it's worth asking! I am taking smoked marlin (or smoked tuna) paté to an event that probably will have close to 90 guests. I have made this many times, but never for such a large crowd. (This is a celebration of life of a certain lady who died, and she loved my marlin pate. End of explanation.) There will be lots of food and beverages, but I don't think much other stuff in the dips-and-spreads-department, mostly tacos and stuff. Now my question is, how much should I take? I bought a chunk of smoked tuna today that's a bit less than a pound. I probably will add 8 oz cream cheese, so I will have over a pound of paté. Do you think that's enough? It doesn't sound like much, but remember that each serving is less than a teaspoon full! I could do twice as much, no problem, but I don't want to have a lot left over. What's your advice? He is having carne asada, roast chicken, shrimp. There will be lots of tortillas. Someone is bringing salad. He has 60 bottles of wine (!!) plus spirits. That's all I know.

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  1. i would not call 1 tsp a serving. in my catering co., i estimated a dip at 1/2T. p.serving; 16T per cup(8 ou.) I don't know the crowd, their tastes. or time of day, but alot of times, people at memorial services don't stay long and they just grab a finger food or 2. but maybe this group will be making a meal of it. I would do a minimum of 130 servings=60T= 4 cups. it also freezes fine so you could make more, to be safe.

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      That's very helpful, thanks! I am going to pick up another piece of tuna, then make up a batch with the 1st piece and see how much volume I have. I can make a second batch if necessary to get 4 cups.