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Nov 1, 2011 09:23 PM

St. Pete Native / Old Haunts..


I was raised in St. Pete. Graduated from school there and have wonderful memories. As sometimes happens, I moved away. My folks still live in Pinellas county, but it is pretty far away from my old haunts and when I visit I pretty much stay on their schedule because visits are too short.

In any case, I will be visiting in 2 weeks and will have 2 weeks to visit. Giving me plenty of time to eat my way through my youth. I also keep in touch with two friends from school, so this should be fun.

Of course this is not an expensive crawl. This will be food memory crawl. Good, bad or just so bad it's good!

I already have Coney Island hot dog on my list ( although, I have had a couple or five in the last few yrs) Colonial Corner in PP for their steak sub and Williams for coldcut subs. I love the spicy tomatoes.

I truly wish that The Gondola on 4th street was still open. They had the best antipasta salad, ever! I could have drank the dressing. Tons of everything and the salami was the best. Keep in mind though, I was 17 and this was the place where dates happened. Although my GF and I used to buy one to go and share it while studying. Memories..

There was a place called Babalu on 4th street north about 5 miles before Gandy that sold pork sandwiches. They would sell a tub of the pork and in a seperate bag, 6 buns. We would take it with us to eat for lunch while fishing off the bridge. I can't find it on Google. Anyone know?

I also loved to go to Foxy's Treasure island for their wings. Are they still as good? I will of course, probably still check them out, but am curious.

Also, I hope you can help me because I am having a brain bubble here, ( we are talking 30yrs since I graduated ) ..There was a place on Treasure island, on the corner as you leave Foxys and head towards the beach that had great calzones and stromboli. It was directly next door to a gameroom. Any idea?

This may sound like a silly idea. Going back and eating things that probably are only good in our memories. But we are looking forward to having fun with it.


Babalu Restaurant & Bar
9246 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

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  1. Here is the website for Babalu's: . It is definitely still there. I hit it a couple of times a month.

    Don't know if you ever went there but Munch's is still open on 6th St. S. and is quite good. Their fried chicken on Tuesday and Saturdays is to die for. And a heck of a deal to boot.

    Can't help on Treasure Island as I don't get out there much.

    Have a great time. BTW, don't forget Ted Peters!

    Babalu Restaurant & Bar
    9246 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

    1. Hmm...have lived on Treasure Island for 28 years, and there is a sub place, but it's not on the corner. It is Original Pizza, and they do have good calzones and stromboli, although I'm partial to their Italian sub and their cheesesteak - it's around the corner across the street from Foxy's, on Gulf Blvd across from the Bilmar. They've been around forever (a couple doors down from the VIP - I know you must remember their Mexican food!). I remember the game room! The Treasure Island Fun Center! I took my kids there a couple of times when they were little, it was kinda creepy lol.

      As for Foxy's, well, you can try their wings, but I'd rather see you pick up an excellent Cuban from the Floridian a block away. Have a fun visit!

      Original Pizza
      10661 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706