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Nov 1, 2011 08:36 PM

Good Certified Loose Tea ???

I am looking to get a few different types of loose tea and when I did a search, a few companies came up. I was wondering if anyone has a preference to one of the companies and why. Also, if you had a bad experience and would stay away from a certain company. I am not looking for recommendations on a flavor, just a company. TIA.

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  1. Unflavored teas don't require a hechsher AFAIK. Rabbi Eidlitz at Kosherquest agrees: So does the Star-K:

    I'm not a big tea drinker, but my brother, who is, really likes shopping at Porto Rico: He's been very happy with the teas he's gotten there, but I think his favorite part is the shopping experience. Apparently, you can brew up samples of any tea you like, and the people who work there are quite knowledgeable.

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      Thanks for replying. Yeah, I know unflavored teas don't need certification, but I'm more concerned with the possibility of bugs in my dried tea, hence, I want the certification. :)

      Thanks for the lead, I'm not familier with the store, I don't think we have them in NY, but will check out the link. Thanks again !

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        They're in Greenwich Village, at 201 Bleecker St. They're not a chain, just the one store.

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          Actually, certification doesn't mean the product is free of bugs. (This is according to a talk by an OU Kashrus rabbi; you can confirm with them to make sure I am remembering correctly. Their hotline number is 212-613-8241.)

      2. Right now, I'm partial to a green tea called Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You can buy it loose or in tea bags.

        1. You might also try Harney & sons in Soho. They have a new shop and tasting room there. They are OU certified, but perhaps

          not all the products.

          1. have you tried Brach's?

            1. Just to follow up, I have decided to go with Haney and Sons as I had their tea at the Hershey Hotel over Sukkos, and thought it was really something special. Thanks for the link, I had no clue they were in SoHo and I will be going next week. Thanks Chowhounds for all the great ideas !

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                harney's loose tea is certified by ksa-the teas are served in monsey at purple pear as well as pardes in bklyn (certified by OU)