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Nov 1, 2011 08:32 PM

Paris - restaurant where you're not sitting on top of your neighbor?

I know close seating is a hallmark of french dining, at least at bistros, but I'd prefer at least a little bit of space between tables. I don't need 10 feet of space but I'd like more than a couple of inches. Any recommendations for dinner at ~50 euro person or less? Right now I have reservations at Le Chateaubriand (not sure if space issues apply there) but not much else. I was considering L'Ami Jean, Le Comptoir du Relais, and La Regalade (either location), but I believe spacing is non-existent at these restaurants.

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  1. Slightly more than a couple of inches of space is all you get chez l'Ami Jean. Better avoid Vivant too.
    La Régalade Saint Honoré has more space but is not in the same league as the those two. Are sure you would rather have more space and eat less well?
    At Café des Musées and chez Casimir, some tables have more space than others.
    Also, you can reserve the counter seats at Saturne and - I assume there are two of you - will be 10 feet away from the nearest table. But its dinner menu exceeds your budget. Not its lunch menu though.

    1. As space costs money, the ones that give you the luxury of space generally are above your budget. Les Petrelles near Gare du Nord is famed for its auction bought wine list and tables that huge and far apart, you can lean back and cross your legs if desired. Last time there, with excellent wine cost 80 euros/pp. While even a bit more for lunch tables at Le Cinq and Les Ambassadeurs are the size of ping-pong tables.

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        If you stick to just wine by the glass and skip a course, you might be able to squeeze out a meal at Le Poulpry at the Maison des Polytechniciens on the rue Poitiers in the 7th for around 50 €. Heavily patronized by politicians from the nearby Assemblée Nationale, it's a place for conspiracies and seductions so tables are widely spaced. Not amazing food but good enough. Weekdays only. And more interesting for lunch than dinner.

      2. The best food quality for the price in a restaurant with generous amounts of space is Maceo. Good space between tables in a very civilised room with a reasonable menu. Le Comptoir isn't bad for space in their mid-week dinners as they half the number of covers. But you must book and you needed to book 6 months ago (the no booking weekend dinner is a different proposition with no space).

        1. I tend to shy away from "best" in any categorization, but Neva Cuisine offers 3 courses from an excellent chef for €36. How does this spacing suit you?

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            I agree wholeheartedly. Neva is very spacious and comfortable, and the food is fabulous, a terrific bargain.

          2. One solution is to dine early, before the place fills up. We always have an early (say, 7:30 dinner on the first night so we can get to bed early and get on a local schedule. There is usually plenty fo room between customers