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Nov 1, 2011 07:05 PM

Mt. Vernon Square Baltimore recommendations

We're looking for very good restaurants within walking distance of Mt.Vernon Square. Akbar? The Helmand? Sotto Sopra?

Sotto Sopra Restaurant
405 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

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  1. Definitely check out Sotto Sopra. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. Ricardo (owner/chef) takes his cooking very seriously and passionately. The veal chop is a favorite, as is the duck entree.

    Also in the area is an "old school" restaurant, Tio Pepe's. Good sole with bananas, roast suckling pig, shrimp in garlic sauce. Just a few of their delicious offerings. FoiGras

    Sotto Sopra Restaurant
    405 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

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      I would be interested in a recent report on Tio's. I had not been there in many years, and when I visited about a year ago, both the food and the surroundings were a bit tired. (I am sorry I cannot be more specific than that, except to say that the sauces were too heavy, the deserts looked like they had been sitting out too long, etc.)

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        Hi lawhound--we were last at Tio's in August. I guess compared to the more trendier area restaurants, you could say that some of the sauces are a bit intensively heavy.

        My sole with lump crab meat was rich, but not overwhelming. Hubby's salad was very fresh with a light dressing. His veal dish was very good. Sorry, I actually don't recall the specifics either with regards to the veal dish. Just recalling that it was very good.

        The portions were more then generous--actually huge. So we didn't even entertain the thought of dessert. But, when others were ordering the desserts they looked quite impressive.

        Perhaps you were there on an "off" night. Many restaurants become complacent and rest on their laurels at times. I have even found that to be true for the Prime Rib--we went there last month. Our waiter was very pushy with regards to ordering certain items which we had no intention of doing as we'd already decided on our selections. My husband's prime rib wasn't as succulent as the veal chop he had ordered when we were there in August. My Crab Imperial seemed to be scaled down a bit in portion size. But, overall, it was still a good meal and we were not disappointed enough to be deterred from returning. FoiGras