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Nov 1, 2011 06:37 PM

Not available in the US

Having just found out that something that is readily available here (and not too expensive) isn't available in the US (Amer Picon) I thought I might look for some other similar items. They might make nice gifts for cocktail-loving friends when I come home for the holidays.

Along with the Picon I'm thinking maybe the Hermes Violette would be a good one to bring back.

Any other suggestions for things we don't get in the US to look for? I'm new to this liquor store exploration, but I passed a window display the other day with many different gins so I'm hoping that Tokyo might turn out to be fertile hunting ground.

Many thanks!

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  1. if you see any Giffard Abricot du Roussillon, get a bottle of that

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    1. re: barleywino

      Found it! What do you like to do with it? I've been wanting to recreate an apricot-champagne cocktail I had at Pegu Club years ago. Sadly I recall nothing more about it than apricot and champagne and that I thought it was lovely.

      1. re: tokyopix

        excellent! send me a bottle! (just kidding) here are some ideas

        1. re: barleywino

          Are you in the Philly area??

          Thanks for the recipes. I'm excited to try some!

    2. You might cross-reference what you can get with what you *can't* get at drinkupny (or similar) and post some possibilities. That way people could chime in with ideas.

      Also knowing what your friends like would help. E.g. don't give a bottle of coveted Amer Picon to a Scotch drinker when there are unavailable-in-the-US Japanese scotch-like whiskeys.

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      1. re: EvergreenDan

        Great idea. It's a holiday here today and I'm going to scout a couple of the liquor stores that are rumored to have vast selections of all kinds of things. I've got my iPhone ready to take pictures so that I can look up things I haven't heard of once I get back. I'll post any possibilities I come across.

        I'm buying for cocktail lovers more than scotch lovers, but after seeing the post below I think I'll try to get one or two of the Japanese whiskies for friends who enjoy Scotch (and some for me to try too!) Luckily 3 of us fly back for the holidays so I can stuff bottles into several different suitcases.

      2. If you have friends who like Scotch, go for whisky.

        We get very little Japanese Whisky in the US. The only things we have currently are Suntory Yamazaki and Hibiki. Nikka and Hakushu are rumored to be arriving sometime soon, but still not here, and we don't get anything from Karuizawa, Chichibu, Ichiro's Malt, Miyagikyou or any other distilleries. This is great stuff that any malt whisky lover would be thrilled to get.

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        1. re: sku

          Thanks for this tip. I hadn't thought of Japanese Whisky since I know very little about Scotch, et al. and didn't even think about the quality of those spirits here. I'll do some research and see if I can come up with a couple to try.

        2. Despite persisting rumors that they will be imported to the US soon, to my knowledge, Suze and Swedish punsch of any sort still have not made it to these shores.

          Also, there are several gins and whiskeys that are made specifically for export to the Japanese market (eg. Jack Daniels does this, though I can't remember what the names of the export only JD products are). There may also be some spirits in duty free that can't be found elsewhere, like the discontinued Beefeater Crown Jewel.

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          1. re: rlee21

            I grabbed a tiny bottle of Suze to try. i didn't notice any punsch but I didn't know to look for it.

            The selection at this shop was overwhelming. They had to have 100 different rums/rhums/etc. And that section paled in comparison to the Scotch/whiskey/etc. section. There were more vermouths than I'd heard of, too (Yzaguirre, Routin) some quite expensive (1970 Buton Rosso Antico for Y6300).

            Lots of gins were new to me, too. There were so many there along with several genevers. Also several barolo chinatos, which I've been wanting to try, so I bought my first one of those.

            I mostly took a lot of pictures, learned that the Hermes Violette is gone for good (I was hoping for a left over bottle) and bought several things to start a basic cocktail bar. I don't think I got anything unusual this time but it was really fun to spend an hour looking at the hundreds and hundreds of bottles they have!

            1. re: tokyopix

              Hermes Violet gone! I'm crushed, I was still hoping to find some again somewhere sometime. However, the shop sounds fantastic, can you share the name/location? I get to Tokyo on occasion - in fact got the Violet there last time - and would interested in checking it out if it's not too challenging to find.

              1. re: magic helmet

                So sorry, magic helmet! I don't know how I missed this. I think I had all the replies expanded and didn't realize new ones could be added mid-thread. I was brand new to chowhound posting then. Apologies!

                Here is a link to the shop. It is practically in Meijiro station it's so close. Super easy to get to. Proprietor is really nice, doesn't speak much English but we get by between my limited Japanese and our shared French.


                This link talks a lot about the beer which I don't drink so I've never checked out. The non-beer selection is mind bogglingly (is that a word) vast, especially for a girl from a state store state so don't think this is just a beer shop.

            2. re: rlee21

              There are a lot of specialty bourbons and rye whiskies that are made in the U.S. for sales in Japan only. Some of them, like Very Old St. Nick's rye, are quite delicious.

            3. Cinzano Orancio

              It is orange vermouth, they dont import it to the US

              Makes some great drinks that I had in Europe, it isnt expensive - unless you have to pay for shipping to the states which makes it cost prohibitive, so great bottle to bring back

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              1. re: Dapuma

                We just tried this for the first time at a new pizzeria. My husband liked it a lot so I think I'll grab a bottle for the home bar. What were the drinks you had it in that you liked so much?

                1. re: tokyopix

                  Had it at Rules in London

                  Golden Negroni

                  Tanqueray Gin & Campari,
                  Cinzano Orancio& Miclo Poire William

                  Was really good, assuming it will make quite a few other interesting cocktails as well