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What to do with feta cheese? Help, please

Was in Costco today, and, impulsively, bought a 2 1/2 pound slab of feta cheese. I love it sprinkled over salad with olives, but really, how much am I going to use-up that way???
So, any easy, delicious ways to use it up before it goes bad? Can I freeze part of it?

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    1. One of my favorite pizzas is topped with kalamatas, artichoke hearts and feta.

      I used to make a spread for bread by mashing together feta, softened sun-dried tomatoes, minced garlic and minced kalamatas plus basil and oregano and then enough olive oil to fix the consistency to your liking. Pungent and yummy. This also works as a stuffing for cherry tomatoes.

      1. I'm guessing you bought the Presedential (?) brand that I buy a lot. It lasts forever so don't worry about having to use it up soon.
        I add feta to my hummus and salad dressing. Use it to stuff chicken or beef, make a "Greek" pasta with shrimp, oregano and feta.

        1. Thanks for these great suggestions. Keep them coming!!!
          And, yes, monavano, it is President brand. Good to know it lasts!!!

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            In small quantities feta can be used in place of ques fresco/ blanco in Mexican dishes because they are both fresh cheeses.

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              i really wouldn't describe feta as a "fresh cheese." http://fiascofarm.com/dairy/feta.html
              what am i missing?

          2. You might consider this one from Epicurious..chicken with olives and feta...absolutely tasty...great with orzo...have made it a number of times:

            1. It doesn't go bad all that fast, I find. Not as fast as other soft cheeses anyway.

              I just made a dish I make once a year or so, that is so easy and delicious, and I topped it with a pound of feta but could have used more. Basically, you saute grits (or polenta this time) with onions and celery, add some roasted peppers, thyme and mint; a quart of chicken broth, then when it's done, spread in a casserole pan, top with lots of raw shrimps and cover with feta and oregano. I've been eating it for breakfast, it's so good. Supposed to be an appetizer, I think. Changing to polenta really upped the ante here. I got the recipe here BTW, so thanks to whoever posted it all those years ago.

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                This sounds good. Do you bake it? Or do you cook the polenta till done in the saucepan? Thanks!

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                  You saute/boil it first til done, then add the shrimp and feta and bake.

              2. Marinated feta is great. Cube the feta, put into a jar with herbs, olives, chilli, etc, and pour some olive oil over the lot. A week later, you have some great tasting marinated feta.

                Tyrokefteri (sp?). Blister some red chilli in the oven, put into a bowl and cover with clingfilm to allow you to get the skins off easily (or pop it in with the skins, if you prefer) and remove the seeds. Process with feta and a little bit of yoghurt to add to a creamy texture. Delicious dip.

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                1. re: haiku.

                  +1 on the Tyrokafteri. It's a family favorite.

                2. I am going share some my all time favorites.They are not recipes though, just ideas.
                  1.Mix feta and spinach, with minced garlic and herbs, I also add black pepper. I put the mix in a piping bag, pipe a straight line on a strip of puff pastry. Roll the pastry, brush with egg. Bake until golden and puffed up.
                  2. Green pepper, cherry tomato and olives, along with feta into quiche.
                  3. Cut feta into one inch squares. Cut phyllo pastry in to 3 inch squares. Place the cheese at the middle. Fold over the sides, overlapping and forming a 3 inch by 1 inch rectangle. Fold again and form a square. Deep fry until golden, pour honey on top.

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                    I use your #1 mix and stuff chicken thighs, breast of veal, burgers.....

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                      Yes! I do the chicken thigh too. I forgot to mention that. How do you put it in burger, sbp?

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                        Divide the hunk of ground beef in two, form two patties, make a ball of feta mix, plop it in the middle and seal.

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                          Okay, great. Thanks for sharing.

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                            We also do this with herbed chevre`.

                  2. Here is one of my favs. Take a slice of feta about 3/4 inch thick, drizzle with EVOO and grind pepper on it. Place under broiler until top blackened slightly and bubbly, Serve with great bread.

                    1. If you are a fan of sweet and salty, drizzle feta with warm honey, top with chopped mint and/or thyme, and serve with crackers and apple slices. It is stunningly good.

                      For something more traditional, one of my favorite Saveur recipes is shrimp with tomatoes and feta (similar to what coll posted!): http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes...

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                        The recipe I have is obviously based on this one, and now I know the official Greek name. I love my bed of polenta under it, but maybe I should add some tomatoes next time. I'm thinking a can of Rotel might do it.

                        Just found another recipe, now that I know the name, and they recommend adding a splash of ouzo. Looks like I'm going to have to make this again real soon!

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                          The ouzo was a great addition (on the leftovers) but Rotel not so much. Next time plain tomato sauce I think. Maybe thinned with some lemon juice. I'm going to make this again on Christmas Eve. (Yes I already have a tentative menu!)

                      2. i love the saganaki, but made with ouzo instead of white wine.

                        also, not yet mentioned, you can put a thin slice of feta on an egg as it is frying. it'll get slightly soft on the yolk. this was told to me by a greek guy who sold me feta cheese back in my college days. it is pretty good.

                        i saw a good-looking recipe the other day for a feta dip. maybe it had dill, too? (heck, where did i see that?). wow, looking for that recipe, i found this one, with beets! really pretty and i'll bet delicious: http://www.ledelicieux.com/2011/04/15...

                        the marination idea is good, because if i recall correctly, the president brand is not feta from greece and is fairly benign. and i dont think it is sheep's milk, either. (in their defense, i've had and loved the president brand fresh goat's milk cheese in a log).

                        1. As mentioned above, I use it regularly as a pizza topping/cheese eithe as part of a "greek pizza with olive oil/garlic sauce, then provalone/mozz cheese, then fresh basil and fresh tomato slices, then feta cheese on top.

                          Also do it with black olives, mozz and provalone cheese and fresh basil.

                          Turkish zucchini pancakes are among my favorite with grated zucchini, feta, eggs, flour, taragon. spices, then pan fry in batches and serve with mango chutney.

                          1. This dip is fantastic and ridiculously easy and uses a good bit of feta. I make it often.

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                            1. One of my favorite ways with feta is in an omelette, with spinach.
                              Sometimes, when I'm lazy, I'll just crumble some in when I'm making scrambled eggs...and it's great that way as well.

                              1. Hey, we buy the same amount...fortunately it lasts a long time, particularly if it is the feta in brine. I second the motion for spanakopita. I also make an easy breakfast skillet -- saute half an onion (diced), frozen hash browns (1 cup and don't hate!), diced half of a red pepper in olive oil. Add dried thyme about 1 tbsp.. While cooking, beat up 3 whole eggs and 4 egg whites. Pour it over the cooked potato mix. Treat like a fritatta -- let the eggs set and mostly cook through, then top with crumbled feta and pop it under the broiler until the top is cooked. SOOO good! I made this for breakfast, and finished it off for lunch.... :)

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                                  If it doesn't come in brine, you can brine it yourself, and it will maintain freshness and texture for quite a while. I can't recall the proper brine proportions, but I have done this before based on a google search with good results. You want a brine rather than water because water will leach the requisite salt from the cheese.

                                  1. WOW!!! Thanks for all the great ideas. No I worry that I won't have enough!!
                                    I loved the suggestions of shrimp/orzo/feta pasta, the frittata, the salad with olives, the pizza, and the spread. Actually all of these sound wonderful.
                                    The spanakopita is certainly something I would also love.'
                                    Thanks, too , to goodhealth gourmet for the links. There are a load of ideas there, as well.
                                    I'm on my way to using up the feat, thanks to you CH'ers.

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                                      Let me know when you make the pizza and/or fritatta.I'll be on my way over LOL! Happy cooking!

                                    2. I like to put feta with asparagus because the salty feta and the sweet asparagus bounce off each other so nicely. I make a quiche with asparagus and shredded Swiss cheese then crumble a generous amount of feta into the top before I bake it. I have also heard of an omelet using this same combo.

                                      1. i sprinkle it over Rosemary Roasted Beets with Chives

                                        also over ratatouille with or without some dollops or ricotta as well

                                        or feta cheesecake with or without a pea puree sauce

                                        or in a Mediterranean style calzone - with ricotta, olives, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, herbs

                                        as a filling for burgers with tomatoes, onions, parsley

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                                          ooh, emme, i'd forgotten about stuffed burgers. "stuffed greek lamb burger" YUM

                                        2. i just bought some feta to make beet tzatziki. even though the recipe doesn't call for feta, i fold in about a cup of crumbled feta. it is truly divine! i serve with naan.


                                          1. Here's a hands-down favorite around here:

                                            BREEZY GREEK PENNE PASTA WITH KALE AND FETA

                                            Half to 1 pound penne pasta (Barilla is my favorite brand), cooked according to al dente package directions & drained
                                            1 block/container of Feta cheese, or to taste, chopped/crumbled
                                            Approx. 12-24 Kalamata olives, pitted, & roughly chopped **
                                            Approx. 1 pound/bunch of Kale, rinsed, stems removed & discarded, & leaves roughly sliced/chopped
                                            ½ a large or 1 small red onion, peeled & chopped
                                            A few dollops of extra virgin olive oil for sauteeing
                                            Dash or so of chicken broth or water
                                            Dash of crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

                                            While the cooked pasta is draining in a colander, heat the olive oil in the pot the pasta was cooked in & saute the onion until softened but not brown. Add the chopped kale, stir a bit until wilted, & add a dash or 2 of chicken broth or water if necessary to prevent burning. Add chopped olives, cooked pasta, feta cheese, & crushed red pepper & stir again – gently - until pasta is heated through. Serve hot or at room temperature.

                                            ** If you can’t obtain pitted olives, pitting them is accomplished easily by simply placing your broad kitchen knife (sharp side away from you) over each olive & briskly hitting down on the knife with your hand. Olive will break open & pit will be easy to remove.

                                            1. Bake some sweet potatoes in the oven, then split them open and top with a mixture of feta, olives and fresh mint. Delicious!

                                              1. if you're spud lovers, i saw this in the insert in our local paper yesterday:

                                                1. Okay... here's my first update.
                                                  Tonight I made a feta, caramelized onion, and red pepper fritatta. It was DELICIOUS!!
                                                  Sorry, Freia, I did try to reach you to invite you for dinner, but I just couldn't get through to you (LOL).
                                                  So, I did make a dent in the feta, and I loved the result. Thanks to those of you who suggested a fritatta. I imagine the same combination of ingredients would work on pizza (another suggestion, thank you), but I think my next feta dinner will be a shrimp, feta, pasta(or orzo) concoction. That will probably be next week. I will report back, and, thank you all, again.

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                                                  1. re: bxgirl

                                                    Don't forget to add some ouzo (or Pernod) to the shrimp concoction!

                                                    1. re: coll

                                                      ouzo is critical.

                                                      orso…not so much. LOL.

                                                      i've had it on fettucine.

                                                      from some greek blogs that i have bookmarked in the past:

                                                      here is an awesome looking LOBSTER SAGANAKI recipe -- usinf white wine and greek metaxa beandy -- http://www.kalofagas.ca/2011/10/19/lo...

                                                      oooh, look! feta fritters! http://greekgourmand.blogspot.com/200...

                                                      this is instructive on what authentic feta cheese is -- and is not: http://greekgourmand.blogspot.com/200...

                                                      tomato and feta stuffed banana peppers http://www.kalofagas.ca/2011/11/02/to...

                                                      here's a capture of the saganaki -- and if that doesn't inspire one -- there is no hope! LOL

                                                      1. re: alkapal

                                                        Thanks, alkapal and coll for the reminder about ouzo. It actually brings back great memories of when I was in Greece after I graduated from college. To be honest, I was not a fan of ouzo at that time, but perhaps cooking with it is different than drinking it straight!!
                                                        Also, thanks alkapal for the additional links. I will check them out. Someone previously mentioned feta pancakes, and I have that on my list,as well.And, yes, that picture of saganki is inspiring!!

                                                        1. re: bxgirl

                                                          bxgirl, drinking and cooking with ouzo are vastly different. venture forth!

                                                          one is a smack in the face with a burn down the throat. the other is a subtle and mysterious (fennel? anise? you ask yourself) undertone to the savory sauce. the alcohol also helps to extract extra flavors from the tomatoes. so it is like 1 + 1 = 4!

                                                    2. re: bxgirl

                                                      Well dammit...I was here all evening, too LOLOLOL! Glad you enjoyed the frittata, I just love it when the feta gets that toasty carmelized outside from the broiler...I had one for breakfast this morning again...and please let us know how your next trial goes! :)

                                                      1. re: bizkat

                                                        Thank you so much for those two links. They look fabulous, and I enjoy reading the stories behind the recipes. Thanks

                                                        1. re: bizkat

                                                          Thank you for the links, they look fantastic. Always nice to see new vegetarian possibilities!

                                                        2. Mediterranean Vegetable Saute: Saute julienned red bell pepper, sliced zucchini, red onion in a bit of olive oil w/some chopped garlic til just tender. Season with chopped parsley, oregano, Italian herbs. Toss in some cherry or grape tomatoes, heat a few minutes, add a good portion of feta, toss and serve. Good by itself or tossed with pasta.

                                                          Spinach Salad: Baby spinach leaves, sliced red onion, toasted pine nuts or almonds, sliced strawberries or mandarin orange segments, feta cheese, your favorite balsamic dressing. Add chicken for more protein.

                                                          1. Herb-infused honey (just simmer some honey with herbs (I like rosemary or thyme)) and then pour over feta. Pop in the oven to warm the cheese through. Serve with good bread. Really, really good.

                                                            1. Well, I will have to go buy some after reading all these ideas. I add chunks and crumbles of it to my blue cheese dressing.

                                                              1. Spinach and feta croissant or pastry

                                                                Feta and bacon pizza

                                                                those are my fav feta recipes

                                                                1. Here's another one, I made it this weekend:

                                                                  Peel and cube a butternut squash. Toss it with EVOO, salt, pepper and rosemary. Put it on a rimmed sheet pan (I usually do one layer only) and top with feta cheese. Roast at 400F til the squash is tender.

                                                                  1. UPDATE:
                                                                    Last night I made shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese. Sorry, Coll and Alkapal, but I wimped- out and did not use ouzo.
                                                                    I used Ellie Krieger's recipe (from Food Network) and it turned out great.I served it over rice and we had salad, as well,. It was very easy to make and it I'd definitley make it again.Freia, you were quite right... the feta, which is now over 2-weeks old, has held-up very well. I think my next venture with feta will be a pizza, but that probably won't be until after Thanksgiving.There were so many great suggestions on the original thread, I am going to try to get through a bunch of them. Thanks,again

                                                                    1. This super simple but it's my favorite lunch, hot or cold: steam broccoli to your preferred doneness, top liberally with crumbled feta and fresh ground black pepper, more conservatively with a flavorful extra virgin olive oil, a somewhat coarse salt and a bit of balsamic vinegar. It is heavenly and if you serve it for dinner, it holds up well for lunch the next day.

                                                                      I've also been holding on to this recipe for Alevropita -- they call it a tart but it looks more like a flatbread, and seems perfect for leftover feta: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes...