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Nov 1, 2011 05:46 PM

Monday Night in Philly

I will be in Philly (arriving around noon on Monday 11/7 and leaving late afternoon on 11/8). Staying at the downtown Marriott and going the the Eagles game Monday night. All suggestions are welcome as long as they don't invlove a great deal of travel (mostly looking for a lunch suggestion, dinner, and maybe a pre-game pub spot). Also, any navigation tips would be apprecitated (flying in and out so no car) Thanks in advance !

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  1. Downtown is very walkable, so you'll have plenty of options nearby. The game is just a straight-shot subway ride away - just get on the southbound Broad Street SEPTA subway at City Hall and take it to the end.

    For lunch, Reading Terminal Market has plenty of choices and is right next to the Marriott. For the rest, maybe you can specify what you're looking for - kind of food? ambience of bar?

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      I am looking to keep it casual as I am travelling with my 23 year old son. Paesano's looks great (not sure where that is in relation to the Marriott or Linc ?). The is another place I have heard about for some drinks (forgot the name, something like RG37 or similiar ???). Appreciate your quick response !

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        Paesano's is very good for lunch, perhaps equal with RTM given the fact that RTM has more choices. It's somewhat close to the Linc, but probably too far for a walk. You can probably get there via subway from Center City(I'm not all that familiar with the subway system.)

        For drinks, it depends exactly what you're looking for. Assuming you guys are beer fans, South Philly Tap Room has good beer and food, but again isn't all that close to the Linc or Center City. If you run a search for "gastropubs" it should give you a list of the well-respected ones with great food and good beer.

        To sum, I'd probably suggest Paesano's 9th street location the first day for lunch followed by pre-game drinks at the pub of your choice and Reading Terminal for lunch Tuesday.

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          Paesano's is not remotely close to the Linc! It's about a 25 minute walk from where you're staying. I wouldn't recommend taking the subway there - it's not a fun walk for tourists and in any case doesn't go right there.

          I went to R2L this last weekend. I liked the bar, and the views are amazing. It's a dressier place (button shirts at least, sport coats and suits common), so I'm not sure it's the sort of casual, pre-game place you're looking for.

          You might try a basic pub: Black Sheep, Bards, and Fergie's are all good options in Center City.

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            Yea R2L doesn't seem like the best pre-game choice. If you hit Fergie's, get the pulled pork. If you want cocktails, I'd go to Time (down the street) instead. They have a better beer list an Fergie's, too. If you like burgers, hit Good Dog and get the stuffed burger. All are close to the Walnut-Locust stop on the Broad Street Line.

            If you're looking for dinner after the game, Monday night is a little rough for later dining, a lot of place close at 10:00 (and many don't open on Mondays at all). Good Dog serves late, as do some other pubs. Other than Good Dog, the only places in walking distance to your hotel that will be serving I can think of are Varga Bar, a gastropub ('til 1), and Mixto, South American (only 'til 11 though). Neither have amazing food IMO but they are decent and have interesting menus. There's also a couple 24-hour diners you could hit.

            Finally--there is a train from the airport that will take you within a block of your hotel--get off at Market East station. That's $7 per person instead of the $28.50+tip for a taxi. On the way back, you can knock $0.75 off each ticket if you buy in advance from the ticket booth. Runs every half hour.

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              to perpetuate my barbuzzo deluge, I discovered that they actually have a late night menu until Midnight on Monday. With how late the game goes I'm not even sure you guys could make 12:00 though. $3 draft beers, and $10 pizza, burger, or pasta, and a reasonable walk from the hotel (it's at 13th & Sansom).

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              Gah, I apologize, lowereast is right, Paesano's is quite far. I'm used to traveling Philly by car, so I'm very unaware of walking distances.

      2. The place I was thinking of is called R2L (looks like a good place for drinks and light food on the way to the game)

        1. For really good game food, look for the Max and Davids kiosk at the Linc. Get a brisket slider (or three) They are so good and kosher too - so no cheese. I despise brisket and love them and if I were at the game I would get one.
          For Septa (subway, etc) info call: 215-580-7800 very nice and informative help:)
          GO EAGLES! Enjoy the game!

            1. No car? Like barryg said, take Septa from the airport to Market East, which drops you right off at the Marriot. Do lunch at the Reading Terminal Market which is also right there, then before the game do one of any number of bars around the city and then take the Broad St line straight to the stadium. Or instead of going to a bar downtown, take hte Broad St line down early and go to Chickie's and Pete's. There is better food in the city, but Chickie's and Pete's is a much better fan experience. Plus their wings, crabs, and crab fries are all worthy pre-game grub.

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                They also provide a shuttle bus to the stadium........

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                  Chickie and Pete's is a great choice for pre game meals (just don't wear your Chicago garb... ). Other option would be Tony Luke's bar which is only a few blocks from the stadium. Tony Luke's sandwiches are a cut above Chickie and Petes food.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    No Chicago Bears fans here ! Thanks for all the info so far, keep it coming !!

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                    Skip the plain crab fries and get the crbby sweets instead (made with sweet potatos. To die for:)