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Nov 1, 2011 05:00 PM

Holiday Party Ideas

So many of you have helped with suggestions and so I'll post another (vague) question. Use your imaginations, as I like "creative" ideas. I run the Twin Cities Social Club. Currently, we have 850+ members and I'd like to celebrate the holidays with a party. Now, my members do not like expensive gatherings or anything too "extravagant". Most of our events are attended by a dozen or so folks. Our Summer BBQ was shocking with over 75 people attending! I was impressed and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we are not able to use a park in December:-( Ideally, I'd like each guest to pay no more than $15/pp. A challenge, I know. So, what can we do and where can we go?

I think the event would be best attended on a Friday or Saturday evening, although I would be open to a Saturday afternoon. Food would be nice, as would a bar. Activities would be most welcome - something that gets folks to interact with one another.

I've thought about Dave & Buster's but we've tried to host an event there in the past and folks didn't sign up. Lazer Tag has been so-so attended. I did a curling event last year that was well-attended but I'd rather not be that active or cold. I've pondered ice skating at the Depot but, again, we did that as an event last year and not a lot of folks signed up. Bowling has always been well-attended but it's a "normal" event on our calendar. Roller skating? I don't know. Ideas people, please! I'd like somewhere that would be conducive to chatting so no loud music or if there is, another room in which to move for quieter conversation.

I know y'all know restaurants and I'm not opposed to that but, again, I'd like an activity. Perhaps, an activity nearby and then to the restaurant for cocktail hour? I don't know. YOU DO!!! Again, y'all have been so helpful in the past. Now's your chance to really shine:-) I want something creative (I am competing with other, similar groups.), cheap, and centrally-located. I don't think that's too much to ask or is it?


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  1. Allow us to clarify something. When you say $15/guest, do you mean to include food, drink, and activity, or do you mean $15 to get in, and then you pay for food and drink separately?

    1. I've never been, but Half-Time Rec in St. Paul would certainly half a lot of activities (bocce ball, darts, etc.) and they meet the beer/food requirement. As I said, I've never been, so I have no idea if the food is even any good, but I would guess it would meet your economical needs.

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        Seige might be onto something with this-I lived right by the Half Time Rec for 5 1/2 years. The crowd is mixed but always interesting. Plenty of free parking in the lot on the street - entertainment consists of 1) pool tables 2) tv watching 3) people watching 4) touch screen music selection 5) live bands on weekends 6) pull tabs and 7) the infamous bocce ball downstairs...which is actually loads of fun. Several years ago it switched ownership but if you call Nick or Scott (the owners who are often there bartending) they might let you know if you can reserve bocce ball OR they might cut you a deal b/c on Fri and Sats, live bands after 8 charge a $5's typically first come, first served. Unfortunately, their 'food' selection is limited only to Heggie's pizzas, free popcorn and the vending machine right inside the door. Unfortunately, chowwise - Gabe's a close walk has nothing great to offer...

        Half Time Rec
        1013 Front Ave, St Paul, MN 55103

      2. Half-time Rec sounds fun but we definitely need food. $15 would incl everything but alcohol. Yep, it's a challenge. That's why I'm asking:-)

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          Inasuitcase - if $15 includes everything but alcohol - depending on IF your members are willing to drive a little and what their tastes might be....I still think bocce ball (in the dark dingy bar basement) is a great way to get people talking or involved...

          I was thinking that if you did it on a Friday starting at 5 (I don't know what time these events would start), you could do HH or food at Ngon Bistro on University Avenue (light rail construction sucks but there is off street parking available) OR across the bridge a bit farther at W.A. Frost. Both have good HH...Frost would be too pricey for the $15 but noshing could be doable for would require a drive to HTR after that..but it could still be an option.

          If you started at HTR at a decent hour (before band time), you could still call Nick or Scott and see if they'd be willing to let you cater something in (then you could definitely meet your $15/person budget) and avoid the $5 cover....I know the regulars get Jimmy John's, Pizza Factory, etc. delivered...but that might be an option if the bocce ball sounds interesting enough as an idea..

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            LR construction on University Ave is supposed to be done for the season by November 30. Shouldn't (theoretically) be a problem for holiday parties...