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Nov 1, 2011 04:42 PM

Santiago, Casablanca Valley, Valparaíso, Puerto Montt, Ushuaia, Montevideo & Buenos Aires

Hi All-
I am travelling with my boyfriend & parents to S. America in the winter. We are taking a cruise from Valparaíso to Buenos Aires with some stops before, after and along the way.
We LOVE food, and I would like to take any chance possible to get local food before, after and while on the cruise. I speak Spanish- so options off the beaten path are great!
We will be landing in Santiago and be there for one night- so I am looking for one really great restaurant. Most important is food, and then atmosphere. This doesn't need to be fancy- just really great and local food!
From Santiago we will be travelling through the Casablanca Valley and stopping at a few wineries. I'm looking for somewhere delicious to stop for lunch. We were in La Rioja, Spain last year and had the best meal of our trip at a small little restaurant I found on chowhound- Hector Oribe- for anyone who is interested.
In Valparaíso we also have one night- we are willing to take a taxi and currently have a reservation at Hotel Ultramar in Valparisio and the Best Western in Vina Del Mar. We are not sure where we will stay yet. I have heard seafood is the best in Valparaíso- so any recommendations would be great!
From Valparaíso we take the cruise and I think we should have some time to grab lunch on our own in Puerto Montt, maybe Punta Arenas, Ushuaia and Montevideo. Again- looking for the best, authentic food.
In Buenos Aires we also have one night- I know there are a million amazing steak houses to choose from- but which one is the best?

Thank you all for your help on this- I know it is very long winded!!


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  1. Hi,

    I don' t remember a specific good restaurant in Santiago, but you can find something good for sure on Suecia Ave at Providencia/Las Condes neighborhood, or at Bellavista (a nightlife neighborhood full of bars, restos and discos). What's unique about Chile is giant size seafood, so in case of doubt a cazuela de mariscos Spanish-style will be good for sure.

    In Puerto Montt, don't miss the Angelmo borough, close to the port. There, the regional dish is called curanto, which is a stew made of different meats and fish along with vegetables and other stuff. Restaurants there look kind of run down, but food quality is excellent.

    In Buenos Aires there are thousands of parrillas, but I recommend that you stick to the touristy area of Puerto Madero since going to the most authentic ones will take a long ride (13M people city), and Puerto Madero deserves a promenade to digest the cows you will eat. Try Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero (cab drivers will know for sure), expensive for B.A. standards but worth's the while. If you are into high level gourmet food, try instead Tomo I restaurant, perhaps the best Argentine restaurant, in face of the Obelisco. Cabs also know about it.

    In Montevideo, don't miss the traditional chivito (grilled meat cooked on their style). In 18 de Julio avenue you should find good parrilladas that sell chivito dishes.

    Hope this helps,