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deviled eggs without the M word

Does anyone have a deviled egg recipe that does not include mayo (I hate even writing that word)? I have a good non-measurement recipe for a type of "fried deviled eggs" using mustard, but not sure if it will be good not fried.

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  1. Martha Stewart had a recipe using creme fraiche...to me it's not nearly as good, but it's okay for a change.

    1. Oh we've gone through a slew of deviled egg ideas around here. Added to the yolks:
      yogurt, mustard, avocado, sour cream, light mayo, chutney, pickle juice, crabmeat, tuna, creme fraiche, buttermilk, whipped cream, and just plain milk. They all work in creating a light and eggy filling to the boiled white shell. I would recommend experimenting.

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        Well, the only ingredient I can think of that wasn't mentioned here is cream cheese... i have experimented with a combination of cream cheese and yogurt...

      2. I have heard that mashing the yolks with mustard and softened butter is delicious. Very decadent, I'm sure!

        1. Sub mayo with plain yogurt.

          1. Have you tried olive oil? I make Caesar eggs by mashing and then binding the yolks with olive oil, then adding some minced anchovy or anchovy paste, a little minced garlic, lemon juice, and some Parm.

            1. Back when I was on some weird food detox thing (don't ask), I remember making these devilled eggs by mashing the yolks with whole-grain mustard, flax seed oil, a load of fresh dill and chives and s&p.

              They were really good, but I bet you could probably add a smidge of sour cream or creme fraiche to that to make it a bit creamier.

              1. I use plain Greek yogurt (2% or whole milk- NOT fat free). I do not like jarred mayo at all but I do like homemade mayo; they are two different animals. Being that I rarely make mayo myself, let alone solely for deviled eggs, I always throw some yogurt in there along with the usual suspects (mustard, salt, pepper, etc.).

                1. I make one with mustard,yellow or Dijon and vinegar. One must tart though, these are truly "deviled" eggs! Also nice is to add horseradish or wasabi for real spice.

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                    Some of these sound very similar to my friends "fried" version, which is mashing the yolks with a splash of milk, salt, pepper, EVOO, mustard, garlic, and parsely. So I may just go with that version and just not fry it.

                    Thanks everyone!

                  2. Though I am attested as a gol' darn deep Mayohead
                    I'll submit there are many more ways to do up some deviled eggs

                    Some soft tofu, mixed with yolks,
                    Yield to a taste that is "Je ne sais quois".

                    1. yeah, I'm another mayo head. I recall my mom once using a dollop of sour cream, good mustard, a bit of butter and seasoning to taste when we were out of good mayo. Play around with proportions.