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Nov 1, 2011 03:25 PM

November 2011 Winter Markets, CSAs, Farm Stands & Other Fresh, Local Sources

It looks like we will have many more choices this winter. Markets will be held in Cambridge, Somerville, and Downtown Crossing. SOWA and the Prudential Center are working on possible locations for indoor markets. Russell's has a January opening on their site for the Wayland Winter Market.

So what have you heard? Where will you shop for local goods as the outdoor farmers' markets close?

Remember Copley and City Hall are open until just before Thanksgiving?


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  1. Great News for Boston. We have our first indoor farmers' Market. Inspectional Services has approved the market inside the Prudential Center for this year.

    It will be Thursdays and will be located along the South Garden Wall inside the space they call the Belvidere Arcade that contains the Loft at the corner and the Post Office.

    1. I just signed up for the Arlington 2 month winter CSA. Splitting it with a neighbor.

      1. Learned from Ayr of Clover Food Labs last week that sales are down at the Dewey Square Farmer's market because of Occupy Boston. Also his sales at the food truck near South Station have been down about 10% since OB started.

        I think there's another two weeks for the farmers there. Clover will stay through the winter but reduce hours.

        Please shop there so the farmers don't suffer because of OB, if you have the chance and inclination.

        Clover Food Lab
        7 Holyoke St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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          Actually, recently learned from the Farmer's Market website that the Dewey Square Farmer's Market has been extended till December 22.

        2. Looks like SOWA is a done deal. Sundays November 13 to April 29, right next to the Vintage Market. Nice to have these year round options!

          1. Just got this from Marshalls Fenway farmstand
            Breaking News: We will be back at Northeastern this week for the weekly Farmers Market. Mother Nature has been good to us and NU has decided to continue the market! See everyone on Wednesday.

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            1. re: Berheenia

              Another update from Marshall's that today they are at the BU Farmers Market.

              Note: I am posting about the University Farmers Markets I'm not a spokesperson for Marshall's