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Nov 1, 2011 01:45 PM

Cuts for corned beef other than brisket

So I've taken to making corned beef with fair success. I find however that the brisket I have access to tends to be thin and fairly fatty.

Are there any other good meaty cuts (no suggestions of shortribs please) that lend themselves to good corned beef or do I just need to source better brisket?

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  1. The corned beef at the supermarket deli is some mind of round. Brisket is far better. The flat is usually to lean. Maybe you need a better source of meat

    1. Corned Beef is usually made from Brisket precisely because it is fairly fatty and has all that collagen that melts during the long cooking process. I've had CB made from round and I don't care for it at all, but you might like it. I think Boar's Head makes their CB from round, so you could try a sample to see if you like it.

      The Flat Cut of the Brisket is thin but aside from the thin layer of fat on the top, isn't very fatty at all. I prefer the Point, which is quite thick and has two different muscles running through it as well as a large band of both fat and collagen. Cooks up very moist and flavorful although you need to trim a bit.

      1. If you like beef tongue, corned tongue was excellent the one time I tried making it. Just be sure you get a fresh one, as many are corned before selling.

        1. Corned beef round gets dissed a lot, mostly for the very good reason that it tends to be dry and boring. In parts of the South, however, beef round is larded with big square strips of pork fat before being pickled in a spicy mixture, the end product being called Spice Round. I see no good reason why round could not be larded with smaller strips with a regular larding needle and then corned. I've enjoyed regular store-bought corned beef round, but I cook it gently just until it's done through and then press it into a loaf pan, weight it under refrigeration overnight, then serve it cold in very thin slices as a buffet item.