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Nov 1, 2011 01:26 PM

Destination Dishes

We've been to New Orleans many times and have enjoyed many great meals. This time we would like to seek out specific "destination dishes" the Charbroiled Oysters at Dragos........or the Duck Po Boy at Crabby Jacks.... or maybe the Catfish at Middendorfs e.g.....would love to hear everyones thoughts.

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  1. the BBQ shrimp po-boy at Liuzza's by the Track is really unique. i loved it.

    1. fried chicken...Willie Mae's
      pork chop, andouille crusted redfish, banana cream pie...Emeril's
      turtle soup, bread pudding souffle...".Commander's
      oyster loaf...Casamentos or oyster po boy...Bozos
      have a cocktail and the truffled parmesan toast w/marrow at the bar at Lilette
      gelato at Brocato's

      3637 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115

      1. If you go to Middendorf's, go on a sunny day and sit on the deck by the lake. Everything just tastes better out there. It's also good inside, but it's not the same.