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Nov 1, 2011 12:40 PM

Melt Down

All the stress from the weird oct storm has gotten to me. Oh wait! I'm just wondering about the new grilled cheese place I spied when I was sneaking in the back way to Pumperniks for my chicken soup and roast beef special fix last night. Excellent as always.
Anyone try this place yet?

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  1. I went there the other night post-Costco run with my friend and her 2 year old. Very heavy, greasy (even on multigrain bread, and asking for no extra butter, which they ignored) and minimal on protein. My friend's brie sliders were far better than my ham and cheese, which had a ham to cheese ratio of about 1 to 5. The tomato soup was extremely tasty, if laden with cream. I can see it being a great place for kids - the two yr old split her grilled cheese open, and just ate the cheese :) - but it's definitely a caloric splurge I alone would not see myself repeating.

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      Thanks malkazanie. Mmmmm brie sliders.

    2. Tasty, but pricey for what you get. I ordered the Signature Sliders for $8.43 which includes the BLT, Cheesy Caprese & the Baja and three dipping sauces. The sliders are each slightly smaller than a deck of cards. The cheese is gooey and the bread is crispy and the flavors are great. Just not very filling due to the size.

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        I went with a friend in the middle of last week around five ish. I got the brie sliders and my friend got some kind of apple concoction and the tomato soup. The soup was good but a very small portion. I wanted something more generous to offset the heaviness of the cheese. The brie sliders were yummy as expected, and neither sandwich seemed greasy to me. The staff was very friendly and the place was almost packed. Lots of babies, toddlers and elementary aged children. They have a kiddie area in back with a disney movie playing but I found the place kind of claustrophobic. Next time if I go again, I think I'll skip the soup and just get the sandwich to go.
        Honestly though, last saturday my friend was picking up some tacos from smoke daddys and we were chatting with Daddy and his son while they split a cubano sandwich. I haven't had one in awhile but it looked right tasty and very generous. When I am in the mood for melted cheese on a sandwich I'd just as soon see Daddy.