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Nov 1, 2011 11:31 AM

I'm looking for Indian food in Pasadena - with good service and decent food

I know I should be heading to Little India, but I need to stick close to Pasadena, Glendale, Eagle Rock, etc. I'm looking for Indian food for 4 people that has a festive environment if possible and pretty good indian food. Any recs?

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  1. All India Cafe has always been a good choice, though it has been a while since I last ate there. The decor is OK, but not what I would call festive.

    All India Cafe
    39 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

    1. I recommend Tibet Nepal House. Good food/service/management/prices.

      Tibet Nepal House
      36 E. Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

      1. has anyone tried this place?

        tibet nepal house sounds familiar, like i may have looked it up before. thanks!

        tibet nepal house
        los angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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          Himalayan Cafe is delicious, and the people are super nice. However, it's not a very festive environment.

          1. re: matikin9

            thanks for the info! if not for this occasion i def plan to give it a try.

        2. Agreed on both All India Cafe and Tibet House, both good choices.

          1. Bhanu Indian Grocery and Cuisine in San Gabriel (near the Pasadena border) has delicious food at a great price. Service has been friendly the few times I have been there, but this is inside a grocery store so it may not be the atmosphere you're looking for. Definitely worth checking out for some yummy Indian food though!

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              yeah, it's for a low maintenance birthday so the grocery won't work, but maybe we'll check it out another time! oh did i mention booze or BYOB is necessary? :)

              1. re: Clyde

                Ahh ok-what about Radhika's in South Pasadena? I haven't been there myself but it was in the running for a birthday dinner (which I ended up hosting at home). It looks like it might have the ambiance you're looking for and there's booze!


                1. re: Clyde

                  I don't get it, why wouldn't it work? Bhanu's food (back when it was Veer's in Alhambra) is fantastic for the price. Or do you want to go to the TGIF of Indian restaurants? With the linens and waitresses singing happy birthday?