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Nov 1, 2011 11:14 AM

concord grapes

ive never had these but they sound great - does anyone know if you can buy them in london?

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  1. Concord grapes are delicious. I have a feeling they are only grown in the U.S., where they first started out in Massachusetts, explaining the name. I know they also grow in other than New England such as in Minnesota and some other states to the west. I wonder if any of the other varieties used for wine are similar. I just don't know enough about grapes to make a guess.

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      Don't know where to buy Concord grapes, but when we were staying in Boston I bought some from wholefoods - oh the shock when i bit into it....

    2. No idea where you can buy the grapes here, but pretty sure the Welch's Grape Juice, sold in many supermarkets now, is made with Concord Grapes. Also the jelly is if you can find it. Love the juice, not so keen on the jelly.

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        After living here and tasting British jam, I don't think I could ever eat Smucker's or Welch's jelly, as we call it, again!

        Many eons ago, I actually had Mr. Smucker's nephew as a neighbor in Ohio.

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          Mr. Smucker's nephew! Well, I never!

          Never liked grape jelly. It was everywhere when I was a kid. My mother always had strawberry or raspberry jam for our peanut butter sandwiches. Love the jam here. Lidl has some really great inexpensive jam. I am currently eating their strawberry - 50% fruit - and some quince jelly.

          Edited to say I can tolerate grape jelly on a bagel with cream cheese in New York!

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            The nephew has probably been running the company for years. He's probably be in his 60's now!

            Interesting... I always disliked grape jelly. I don't think my sons ever tasted it the entire time t hey grew up. :-). My favorite is always blueberry.

            Yes, the Lidl jam is a good deal and has a lot of fruit for the price. My husband likes to make his own, but we make it last throughout the year and buy stuff in stores to supplement. Waitrose makes a nice lower-sugar jam that tastes good.

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