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Nov 1, 2011 09:00 AM

mung bean noodles (uncooked/dry/packaged) in center city?

hello everyone -

am having a jap chae craving and was wondering if there was any place to buy packaged mung bean noodles in center city. i can tromp on over to the nearby asian supermarket this weekend, but was wondering if there was a little grocery store downtown that would be helpful/on the way home.

also - i know that whole foods sells them, but man are they stupid expensive there. any other suggestions = awesome!


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  1. Is Chinatown too far out of your way? Asia Supermarket would be my first stop.

    There's a convenience store on Walnut between 13th and Broad that stocks some Japanese and Asian foods, but they're a little pricier.

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      technically chinatown isn't too far, but i live closer to the asian supermarket at 6th and washington. i have an after-work commitment in cc tonight, so was looking for something immediately available. that convenience store sounds 100% perfect if they are open after 8. time to snoop! :)

      thanks for the reply!