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Nov 1, 2011 08:03 AM

Fresh turkeys in New Haven Area?

Any suggestions for places that carry fresh turkeys in the New Haven area. Already know about Whole Foods, any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Gozzi Turkey Farms
    2443 Boston Post Road
    Guilford, CT
    (203) 453-2771

    Not going to get much fresher then that

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    1. re: juicemann2

      I got a great turkey there last year. If I were cooking this year, I'd do it again.

      You have to call ahead to reserve a bird of the size you want.

    2. The farmer's market on Saturdays at Wooster Square in New Haven generally includes a vendor who will take orders for turkeys around this time of year, for delivery the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! Will check at farmers market this weekend or try the place in guilford.

        1. If you haven't found anything yet, Cedar HiIl Farm in Orange put the turkey sign out this week. The birds are by pre-order only; they're free range, raised from chick-hood in Orange with no added hormones. $3.65 per pound, pickup on November 21. Call 203-795-4531 or e-mail sbespuda at optimum dot net. We've had his chickens, and they're very good; we're trying his turkey for the first time this year.

          1. ditto on Gozzi's
            been going there for 20 years -
            alot of local groceries will get them for you in the last 4-5 years if it is too far to go pick up on your own