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Sunday night in Raleigh

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What restaurants are open in Raleigh on a Sunday evening? Looking for somewhere to take my step-mother for her birthday. (Preferably somewhere other than Coquette, Porter's, 18 Seaboard - just because I've taken her there before.)

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  1. Have you tried Battistella's? I'm 99% sure they're open on Sunday evenings for dinner.

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      Great idea! But it looks like they're only open 10:30-3:30 (brunch, I guess).

    2. Here's a previous post asking for recs for Sunday night in Raleigh that might of help:


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        Thank you! I knew there was one - but couldn't find it!

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          I would try Sono (sushi and more)-- the owners are true foodies and make everything from scratch. They have 1/2 price apps on Sundays, too! The miso is to die for. I don't know what Michael puts in the dashi, but it is magic.

          319 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601