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Nov 1, 2011 07:27 AM

Knoxville - One Birthday Dinner (for 2) and One Brunch Rec Please!


My husband and I will be in Knoxville for the first time on Friday 11/11 for my birthday dinner and for breakfast/brunch the next morning. Recs please? Anywhere within a 30 minute drive is just fine. I am a pescatarian but not picky otherwise.


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  1. For your dinner, Chesapeake's. It's simply the best elegant seafood restaurant in the area. Downtown, with parking adjacent. Their fish is great (it's our Christmas Eve indulgence.) you like /will you eat Shrimp? Willing to go casual, as in very casual? The Shrimp Dock on Kingston Pike in Bearden makes a great shrimp po-boy. You might also like to take some of their frozen entrees home (nothing like not having to cook for a while to extend your birthday good feelings) The guys who own Shrimp Dock have their own fishing boats.....a great seafood resource.

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      Thanks, shallots! I love any and all seafood!

      After some research I am actually thinking King Tut's for dinner that night. I love mediterranean/Greek food, and it definitely sounds unique. Any thoughts???

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        King Tut's put it gently, a rather nice hole in the wall. Think lots of sort of tatty decorations. A front of the house/owner who is a personality in his own right, who will make you feel either right at home or a tad uncomfortable because of his presence. You'll be sitting close to other people- this bothers some folks. It's not at all romantic, but the food is good to great. One time we went and took a friend who spent her teen years in Israel; she had a good time and ended up comparing notes with the owner and his wife who's the cook.
        (If you go, get a good map and use it. The main bridge you would take, the Henley Street Bridge is torn apart, not just underconstruction, but the entire deck and the verticla supports that used to support the deck are all torn down. You'll need to take the Gay Street Bridge instead)

        Also good in the Mediterranean vein is Holy Land on Sutherland. I was there today picking up some fresh Feta Cheese and Olives. They've remodeled and their 'eating area' is now larger and next to the front windows. I really like to get their salads to go when Mr Shallots is out of town and I want to be lazy (but well fed).

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        i would save King Tuts for Saturday early lunch or do The French Market Creperie downtown. I love Chesapekes for a special dinner.

      3. The weather for this coming Saturday is supposed to be wonderful.

        Brunch/Lunch on a Saturday: Litton's on Broadway. It's several traffic lights north of where I-640 crosses Broadway in an area that used to be a separate town called Fountain City. The Fountains are in a large lake with phenomenal charm. Littons is across from the 'duck pond' just in back of an Exxon station. Recommended: Litton's cod. Desert....Litton's cookies taken with you to sit by the pond and be hit up by the ducks for morsals....or any of Litton's great cakes and pies.