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Nov 1, 2011 06:59 AM

The Breakers - NFL games?

Hello! Does anyone know if The Breakers has a lounge with all of the NFL games on Sundays? I'm headed down but don't want to miss the game!


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  1. It would be best to contact them directly. You may have to go to West Palm Beach and hit Duffy's on Clematis.

    1. And which game are you interested in?

      South Florida is different from many other places. Most people are from "somewhere else". As a result, there are lots of bars etc that "specialize" in particular towns/states/areas.

      You've got Rooney's for Steelers fans; Bostons for Pats fans... there are Eagles bars and Packers bars and Giants and Jets bars.

      And then there are the "Jumbo" Sports Bars mini-chains (Bru's and Duffy's) each of which have appx 639 wide-screen TV's tuned to Every Game Under The Sun. Head to any one of these and you'll find "pods" of fans of a particluar team near whichever TV is showing the game.

      I've you're a real sports nut, I have a feeling you might have a better time hitting up a casual place such as those... than in some sort of bar at The Breakers.

      Just my two cents tho...

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        Thanks - watching the Eagles. I'm going to a conference, with only about 3 hours in between events, so I didn't want to leave the hotel.