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Nov 1, 2011 06:26 AM

November 2011 Openings and Closings

Happy November, all! Hear of any restaurant openings or closings coming up over the next month or so? I know that Sweet Cheeks in the Fenway area is planning to open this month, and Parsons Table in Winchester is closing in a couple of weeks or so. Others?

Parsons Table
34 Church St, Winchester, MA 01890

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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned near the tail end of the October thread, but after a month or so of waffling, Gargoyles in Davis Square finally closed last weekend; they were staying open as long as they could until their liquor license transferred to the new owners. Construction work on the replacement, a Oaxacan restaurant called The Painted Burro, has already started, with 'early 2012' as the opening goal.

    1. Looks like Parlor Sports, the sports bar at Trina's Starlite Lounge, gets past the soft opening stage this Thursday.

      Trina's Starlite Lounge
      3 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

      1. Fuji at the corner of Binney and 3rd in Kendall is set to open in November.

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        1. re: Matt H

          Very psyched for this. I walk by it almost every day and they are hard at work. Third Street is getting more and more interesting.

            1. re: emannths

              Thanks! Will pay special attention now.

              1. re: emannths

                Interesting. The same folks who run Fuji in Quincy. Fuji is decent enough sushi, though hardly the best in the area. None the less, will be excited for one more lunch option in the area.

            2. The Clover HUB location in Inman Square opened today.

              Clover HUB
              1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

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              1. re: Boston_Otter

                Good to hear about Clover. They had a soft opening going on for the past few days (I think it was just a lunch menu and cash only). Hope to get there soon...

                1. re: Boston_Otter

                  I stopped in late today and it is just amazing what they have one with this space in a short amount of time. Got the backstage tour and then ordered up a chickpea sandwich to go. It's really a warm, sunny and inviting place. Most of the seats are along the beautiful slabs of polished wood that serve as a counter. They have lots of storage and prep space and all of their trucks can park here overnight. They have big plans for the basement and for the space next door, but that is all still in the works. Yes, right now it is cash only but they are open from 8 am until 8 pm. Welcome to the neighborhood, Clover.

                2. Brand new sign today announcing another new coffee/ sandwich spot that appears to be launching on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge, this one at 441, the old BMX shop. It's between 5th and 6th, on the other side of the street from Courthouse Fish Market. The sign outside this long vacant space says it will be called R.J. Gourmet. It's a small spot that will seat about 15-20. With Cafe Kafofo about to open only two blocks away, this should bring some healthy competition to the immediate area.

                  Courthouse Fish Market
                  484 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141