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Nov 1, 2011 05:38 AM

What to do with 7lb leg of lamb?

Hi all,
My husband recently got a 7lb leg of lamb at our local farmer's market. I'm sure I can roast it and make many meals from that, but I can only think of one or two things. It's only the two of us, so I was looking for any suggestions for meals that I can make using the lamb and then store in the freezer for later this winter.

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  1. alternately, cut it into two and freeze one half.

    Use lamb anywhere you'd use beef -- stews, curries, shepherd's pie...

    Just don't overcook it when you roast it -- it should still be a little pink.

    1. Separate at the joint and make two pieces. Marinate and grill the boneless sirloin section whole, or make kebobs. Roast the lamb leg shank half.

        1. My husband just bought a large leg of lamb as well, and there are only three of us. First, we roasted it and had sliced lamb with mashed potatoes and broccoli. When preparing the lamb, my husband cut off the shank and hip bones, and I used those yesterday to make a stock, which I'm turning into Scotch Broth for tonight's dinner. Last night, we had an old-school lamb curry with basmati rice, and there is enough meat on the bones for a Shepherd's Pie, which I will make for Wednesday or Thursday's dinner since the DH doesn't like it and will be out of town. After that, I'll have the main bone, and I will use that to make and freeze more lamb stock for another Scotch broth later on this fall or winter.

          1. Heat up slices of the the roast lamb leftovers in a bit of mint gravy and serve in hot pita bread.