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Nov 1, 2011 03:44 AM

Chez Pierre (Gansevoort/S. Springs) - anyone been recently?

I did a search of this Board and only one post came up. . .Chez Pierre has a quote from 1978 on their home page :)

Anyone been recently?


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  1. Very limiting menu for you, since you are not a meat eater.

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    1. re: jaylhorner

      Thanks, jaylhorner. Someone wants to take me there . . .

    2. The go-to place for old-school French: coquilles st. jacques, duck a la orange . Pleanty of non-red meat dishes. Lots of cream and butter.

      1. Haven't been for years, but used to go for classic sole preparations. Still on the menu, I see.

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        1. re: PSZaas

          Thanks everyone. If I end up going I'll report back.

        2. After a short drive from exit 16, we headed North on Route 9 and reached Chez Pierre, with their eiffel tower sign lighting our way.

          Atmosphere was more casual than I expected (a few diners had jackets and ties). There is a bar and two dining rooms. We sat in the room to the left of the hostess station and down a step. The other dining room has the bar at the back. Service was excellent and included many tableside dishes.

          Fresh bread and pate were served. Everyone seemed to enjoy the pate. I didn't try it.

          SO had frog legs, I had escargot. The escargot was very good, served in the shell. No Pretty Woman scenes, even though one was quite challenging to remove. SO said his frog legs' (and their breading)was very good.

          I had a hard time deciding between the duck and sole (thanks, PSZaas). I had the sole almondine which was excellent. Fish was cooked perfectly.

          SO had the veal francaise.

          Our friends had chateaubriand for two, carved tableside. They seemed very happy with their choice.

          Dinners are served with a salad. Nice mesclun greens. Blue cheese dressing is house made. We had sides of scalloped potatoes and a choice of broccoli (a little soft for my taste) or white beans.

          We had coffee and espresso.

          A very good experience. Perfect when you want old-school French.

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