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Nov 1, 2011 01:58 AM

Taipei Restaurants

Thought I'd start this for good Taipei (and surrounding areas) restaurants. And I'm not talking small places to get good Taiwanese snacks.

Couple places I've been to lately

Mayan Grill ( Bills itself as contemporary mexican cuisine.
This is a fairly new restaurant with a nice atmosphere and decent prices. Its been a few months and can't remember exactly what we had but I do remember the Beef Rice bowl was fantastic. Just the right spice to go along with a lot of flavor. Also, the margarita advertised as the best in Asia just might be!

Forker's ( To me this is Taipei's best burger joint. Tons of different burgers to choose from and you can build your own if thats what you prefer. Being a Canadian, I love that you can get poutine here as well. I also find myself ordering the Artichoke and Spinach dip as an appetizer every time. Its fantastic

Gordon Birsch. Ya its a chain restaurant. But while other chain restaurants in Taiwan (TGI Fridays, for example) feel like you're eating at a chain restaurant in Taiwan, GB doesnt, if that makes any sense. The service is quick, the portions are large and for pub fare, its as good as it gets.

Lets hear some other Taipei recommendations!

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  1. Was Forker's poutine authentic? Coz we also get "poutine" in Singapore at places like PS Cafe, but they only used melted cheese instead of cheese curds :-(

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      unfortunately Forkers also doesnt use cheese curds... I think that might be asking too much on this side of the world

    2. Another great resto I forgot is Le Rouge in Banqiao. Best Italian food I've had in Taiwan, by far.

      1F, 419-6, Wenhua Rd Sec 1, Banciao City, Taipei County (板橋市文化路一段419-6號1樓)

      1. The original comment has been removed