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Nov 1, 2011 01:28 AM

"Winter is coming" -- Game of Thrones -- Song of Ice and Fire food inspirations

(Plz plz, no book spoilers!)

Have just finished the 5 books (so far) of The Song of Ice and Fire series. And dang, weren't there some appealing foods/drink described (well, except for the bitter acorn paste and boot leather)!

I have researched recipes and plan to make some oatcakes since reading these books. And I want to pick up some vinho verde also. Honey chicken is on the dinner list. I already appreciate dark beers/stouts but now that the weather is cooling am looking forward to more.

Anyone else intrigued by the cuisine described by George R. R. Martin? Any medieval-inspired culinary thoughts?

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  1. Aren't they brilliant? Have only read two, so definitely no spoilers please!

    I loved the sound of the summerwine, and the chicken with honey and spices. Also Hot Pie's hot pies, and all the other descriptions of massive ovens churning out breads and cakes and pies. I'm intrigued by roast swan and how it would be presented but I can't see that I could ever get to try it.

    Having looked up a picture of a lamprey, I think it's safe to say lamprey pie would not be high up on my list! I'd have the same trouble I had with the leggy bits of squid - it's going to bite my tongue off! I'll probably pass on the strips of raw horsemeat cut from the exhausted carcass of my steed, too.

    1. My favorite series of books! I've read them over again a few times!! Well, maybe The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, but I digress. The roast swan definitely sounds wonderful, the different wines, the pastries.... pretty much what you guys said.... so I contributed nothing, ha. I would like to try the lamprey pie though, it's just like eel! Oh, after reading the Redwall series as a kid I did the same culinary exploration and tried making oatcakes. Epic fail!!

      1. Although I'm not a big fan of fantasy fiction I was intrigued when I came upon this blog by two women who are cooking their way through the Martin books. You might be interested in their website.

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          HBO also had some recipes from Tom Collichio as part of their promotion of the show. I made the lemon cakes a couple of times, including for my parents' 50th anniversary tea party. They were a big hit

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            That's insane! How completely brilliant.

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              This is awesome! Thank you to all the people who linked! I never realized other people did that when reading, haha. I definitely want to try making the lemon cakes, maybe when the new season starts! And Gio, not food related, but it's more a fantastical/historical epic ;-)

            2. care to share your oatcake and honey chicken recipes?
              I was looking for recipes for the HBO premiere, and all I could find was the lemon cake recipe.

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                This is a close approximation of the recipe for Honey Chicken the Inn At the Crossroads bloggers (They're creating a cookbook from the description of food in the series) came up with after research...


                Perhaps DuchessNukem found another...?

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                  Thanks, Gio. Sure would be great if that cookbook were out in time for the season 2 premiere!

                  1. re: overthinkit

                    You're welcome...! Hit the recipe button for other recipes already researched and cooked...

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                      I didn't see that you'd posted this, it WOULD be great for a premiere party to cook food from the cookbook! I'm positively giddy with the thought!

                  2. re: overthinkit

                    I'm fixing to try this oatcake recipe:


                    Honey chicken, I was just going to adapt from a Mediterranean basic recipe.

                    No cheval for me... although if I were having a themed party, I'd probably do a thick London Broil and call it horsemeat. lol.

                    Great links and references, all y'all! Honestly, with axes and blood and heads flying everywhere, I'm still always hungry while reading these books.

                  3. For inspiration and guidance, you might try these cookbooks by Lorna Sass: "To the King's Taste," recipes from the time of Richard II (late 1300's), and "To the Queen's Taste," recipes from the Elizabethan era. Both books were originally published in the 1970's and are now out of print, but used copies are widely available:


                    Hope this helps!