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Oct 31, 2011 09:50 PM

Huge tub of Bocconcini. Now what?

Leftover from our last party is a huge tub of marinated Bocconcini. I've been trying to eat it as antipasti, but it's a whole heckuva lot of cheese...Any ideas besides pizza, lasagna, or calzone? Please help!

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  1. Define huge. 1 lb, 5 lbs, 50 lbs? Rinse, bread and deep fry, or use as the center for arancini. Toss into green salad. Mix with tomato sauce, penne and meatballs as a great casserole and bake or serve hot off the stove freshly mixed as they melt. Melt onto Bruschetta or make into grilled caprese panini.

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      I don't think it needs to be rinsed before breading and frying. I've made little cheese balls that way in the past and it worked great.

    2. I've had decent success just freezing it in its brine for later use. Better than throwing it away! Then take it out for Christmas or whatever.

      1. Make a Caprese salad (of sorts).

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          I was thinking, along those lines, of a caprese panzanella type salad.