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What non-perishable, non alcoholic beverage would you say is unique, or associated with San Diego?

While Carne Asada Fries, California Burritos, and Fish Tacos are often considered uniquely San Diegan (at least within the US), and San Diego has a pretty good collection of microbreweries, I can't think of something more durable (can withstand an airplane checkin) that would be considered San Diegan, or Californian, for that matter.

Any Ideas?

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  1. I'm not familiar with it, but Pizza Port does brew their own root beer, though of course root beer isn't unique to San Diego.

    Outside of that the only thing I can think of that's non-perishable and non-alcoholic, but IS NOT a beverage, but is very much associated with San Diego (OK, technically Escondido) - is Dr. Bronner's Magic All-in-One pure castille soap!

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    1. Ballast Point makes a bloody mary mix that does not have alcohol in it. If you are a tomato juice drinker, that could be good. If youa re OK with non-beverage liquids, Stone Brewery makes a line of condiments, including mustard, hot sauce and bbq sauce.

      1. Julian Hard Cider? Oh,wait, I think that has an alcohol content

        1. Non-perishable, non-alcoholic liquid associated with San Diego ... sea water? Oh wait, beverage...

          1. Mexcian cane sugar Coca-Cola (or other sodas) is really the only thing I can come up with off the top of my head. I know it's not *technically* from San Diego, but most people in most parts of the country associate us with the border..

              1. Julian produces a lot of non-alcoholic apple ciders.

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                  Yes, but I don't think the cider travels entirely well, and my experience has been that the cider quality degrades pretty quickly. If I let an unopened half gallon go even 5 days before opening it, it is nowhere near as good as it would be if opened immediately. Certainly, you have to keep it refrigerated.

                  I'm still irritated that cherry-apple cider was entirely gone from the Wynola Valley Orchard (formerly known as Meyer's) and Mom's before noon Sunday.

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                    I was thinking the same thing about traveling with the cider, plus most of the mills pack their cider in plastic "milk" jugs- not good for packing in a suitcase unless you poured it into something more durable for the trip.

                2. Here's why I don't think there exists such a thing here: without alcohol as a preserving agent, for a beverage to be non-perishable means its going to have to have preservatives and/or be a sugar water sort if thing with no real food-ish ingredients in it , just "flavor" from very limited (probably chemical) sources. So really, it could only be a soda pop or heavily processed fruit drink, and unlike some cities, we don't have anything unique like that made here. I agree with the poster who suggested that Mexican coke (and, I also think, other Mexican soft drinks like Jarritos and Fanta in various flavors and in glass bottles) is the closest thing we have to a "regional" soda, even though drinks like these are imported.