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Oct 31, 2011 08:18 PM

Canned clam chowder on North Shore

A friend from Europe has fallen in love with New England clam chowder and wants to have some for back home. Problem is, we have to have it by Wednesday night for a Thursday flight.

Which brand(s) of canned NECC taste best (I know it's subjective, but in general terms)? No time for taste testing, no time for ordering, no going into Boston - they have to be available on NORTH SHORE store shelves. If it helps, friend especially liked chowder at Shea's (Essex) and Legal Sea Foods (Peabody).

It seems the ones that get the best reviews online are

* Snow's (ready-to-eat, NOT condensed)

* Olde Cape Cod

* New England Country Soup

* Bar Harbor

Another possibility is Ipswich Shellfish (from their retail location), if they sell individual cans.

Does one of these stand out? Is there another one entirely we should pursue?

Remember, it has to be available on the NORTH SHORE and has to be canned - not frozen.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Not for anything, but I don't think this is a canned-clam-chowder crowd, but I could be wrong.

    1. ipsofatso - Someone recommended I post my question here. There is another thread from 3 years ago that recommended Snow's and Bar Harbor.

      1. i agree w/ ipso. Can't hurt and you might have better luck also posting this on the General Topics board, as some of the brands are national, and also native new englanders may respond there least then you get the preferred brand name and then you can call local markets to see if they carry it.

        i would also call your nearest WF and see what they carry(they do seem to carry quality in general.)

        1. I haven't had it, but Ipswich Shellfish does seem to sell cans. Can't comment on how this compares to other brands available in stores.

          I think this is a good question for the Boston board - are there any *local* brands of clam chowder that are better than national brands?

          Like ipsofatso and opinionatedchef said, probably worth posting this to the General Topics board as well to get recs for larger brands.

          1. Thanks for the input.

            We were trying to avoid national brands like Campbell's and Progresso - looking more for local or regional brands (or at least smaller brands like Snow's).

            I called Ipswich Shellfish, and they do sell individual cans at their retail location (from the website it looks like you have to order 12-packs for shipment).