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Oct 31, 2011 07:49 PM

Advantages of Glass cutting boards?

Most CHOWHOUNDS probably do not believe in glass cutting boards. Forget the fact that they dull knives extremely fast, knives have trouble cleanly cut through the foods on glass cutting boards because glass have almost no “give”. As much as they are made from tempered glass, you certainly do not want to chop really fast and hard on them. Foods can be slippery on a glass surface, which is inconvenience and possibly dangerous.

Although I won’t say glass cutting boards are very popular, they are certainly not out of style. I do see them around quite a bit, which means plenty people are buying them, and these people have their reasons.

So here are some advantages I have heard from people.

Glass cutting boards are:
1) Sanitary since they are non-porous and bacteria and dirt cannot be trapped anywhere.
2) Easy to clean because they are non-porous and can be placed in automated dishwashers
3) Light and thin
4) Inexpensive
5) Beautiful (patterns can be placed underneath the glass)
6) Very durable (the glass surface won’t wear like wood or plastic)

*Explanation: glass has good strength, but low on toughness. So while glass can shatter and chip under high impact force, glass do not bend or deform or easily grind away like a plastic board does -- think of your glassware and ceramic dishes*

What other reasons have you heard?
And what do you think of these advantages?

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  1. I think your 6 reasons don't come close to offsetting what you ask us to forget in your first paragraph.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Thanks for pointing it out. I thought about clarifying that point. I thought it was too much information at one time. I will edit the original post and you will see the reason.

      P.S.: Just realize you said "6 reasons", not "#6 reason". Anyway, I am not asking you to forget my first paragraph. I am just curious about what advantages you see for a glass cutting board.

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        How is it possible that you are the only person who responded and yet there are 3 tweets?

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          I don't know. To me, a "tweeter" is a birdie on a golf hole.

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            a hunch
            maybe if you edit your post it creates a tweet as if a new post was added, but this is really a question for "site Talk"

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              Oh is that right? I didn't know. Thanks. Next time I make a post. I will change it a few times to see what happen.

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              You can tweet the thread without posting chem

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                Yeah, ... I don't completely understand, but I thought it was funny (at the time) that there several people who read my post and find it interesting enough to tweet to their friends, but didn't response to the post.

                It is like they were "secretly admiring" me. You know. :P (it is a joke)

          2. Hi, Chem:

            7) Versatile--you can replace broken windowpanes with them?
            8) Educational--you can crawl under them to see your food being chopped from below?
            9) Entertaining--they make great exploding targets when shooting?
            10) Good Grooming--when silvered on one side?
            11) Mocking--you can see your hated counter surfaces?
            12) Meat slicer--when you break one to smithereens in the sink?

            I actually have one of these, one with a fine, "pebbled" surface. Cutting anything on it is a capital offense in my castle. It makes a decent mar-proof coffee table surface, and doubles as a serving tray for non-slidy hors d'ouvres when decoratively lined. Oh and as a trivet. Besides stuff like that, they're about as useful as a skydiving anvil.


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            1. re: kaleokahu

              13) Protection - floors for men, ceilings for upwardly mobile corporate women
              14) Etiquette- homeboys learn not to throw stones
              15) Boxers' delight- opponents' jaw
              16) Menagerie- is there any other type?
              17) Blondie- Heart of....stone?!
              18) Targets- for skydiving anvils.

            2. we use our glass cutting board only to put hot dishes on at holiday meals, as it has feet underneath and helps prevent damage to our tables. I suppose if I caught a robber in my kitchen and couldn't make it to my knives i could use the glass cutting board for self defense? I didn't even know people actually cut on them? I have always hated ours, having to drag it out at thanksgiving, christmas and easter, and never using it except those 3 occasions. I would get the hibijibis if i ever made contact with it with my knife, just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. I guess it effectively keeps dust off the counter though, and perhaps prevents sun damage to the counter? *shrug*

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              1. re: TeRReT

                My ex college roomate loved his glass cutting board. I believe his main argument was that it does not wear. (of course, the counter argument is that our knives wear/dull faster.) Here is a screenshot of my search on You can see on the left that Amazon offers more styles of glass cutting boards than wood or plastic or bamboo cutting boards. Now, I am not saying that glass cutting boards are more popular. They are not, but they are certainly not uncommon.

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  i think amazon has more glass for sale because nobody's bought them yet so inventory just keeps piling up :P if they marketed them as skydiving anvil targets they might sell a few more!

                  before we had granite counters we'd keep the toaster on it so we didn't scratch the counter, i guess thats another use. I think it was a gift and we just keep finding reasons to use it rather then donate it or get rid of it

                  you could also probably toboggan on it, just be wary of any jumps or rocks, would work like a cafeteria tray

                  1. re: TeRReT

                    :) I have another explanation. It isn't there are more glass cutting boards by absolute volume. Rather, there are more variations of glass cutting boards, so they show up as different items. As mentioned, it is extremely easy to put a new picture underneath the glass. You make a drawing of some wine bottles, then it is one cutting board:


                    Some horses as background, you get another item:


                    NFL Green Bay Packers winning super bowel is another item:


              2. I discovered a situation where a glass cutting board is quite useful. My parents bought a winter home in Arizona some years ago. The over-the-stove microwave is quite old, but still serviceable. It does not have a turntable inside but the previous owners did put a glass cutting board inside. It fits perfectly and is easy to pull out and clean when needed. I'm not sure how much easier it would be to just wipe off the floor of the microwave, but I suppose if there was some cooked on foodstuff, the glass cutting board would be easier to clean. As for using a glass cutting board instead of a wooden, nylon, bamboo, or one of the newer composite boards, no thank you.

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                1. re: John E.

                  Hi, John E.: You are right about the MW... The original Amana Radar Ranges had a glass tray for the bottom, but they had a lip all around to catch spills.


                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    We had a giant Amana microwave with the tray you describe. Now these tiny microwaves all seem to have turntables. We recently had to replace ours and ended up with a microwave where it is not possible to turn the turntable off. There aren't a lot of occurrences when I feel the need to turn of the turntable, but when they do come up I'm annoyed all over again.

                    Years ago my mothe had one of those glass cutting boards with the rubber feet that eventually fell off. I wonder what ever happened to it?

                    1. re: John E.

                      Just FYI, Panasonic makes countertop microwave ovens with no turntable. They are marketed as the "Flat and Wide" series. I have a Japanese model that's a combination convection oven and microwave. Since I use square and oval plates, the lack of a turntable is a big advantage. Here's a link to the US models:


                      1. re: tanuki soup

                        Thanks, but I think we're stuck with the one we have. I don't really have an opposition to the turntable, I just want to be able to turn it off when it is not needed.

                2. "Although I won’t say glass cutting boards are very popular"


                  Truth is they are very popular. I can't count the number of homes I've been in and saw one on the counter. Why are they popular? Well for the reasons you listed but they are purchased by people who are pretty clueless about knives.

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                    Ok, not extremely popular, but popular :)