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Oct 31, 2011 06:42 PM

Twist: set menu or a la carte?

Taking my wife to Vegas in December for a birthday splurge ( Including Michael Jackson show by Cirque). We have a reservation at Twist -- different night. I'm thinking set menu plus wine pairings. She's thinking a la carte.

Any Chowhound advice for the best way to enjoy Twist?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Did you make it to Twist, and have any advice on fixed menu vs a la carte? I may be there in a couple of weeks.

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    1. re: Valley Village Fish

      yes, I did make it to Twist and elected to go a la carte.

      Bottom line: I was surprised and a bit disappointed by the whole experience. The service and the view were terrific-- panoramic view of the strip from the modestly sized, modestly decorated room. Excellent.

      Cuisine was oddly forced and too precious for me. My venison entree came 3 ways as do all the main courses. The simple filet was elegant and delicious. The venison sorbet, served in a chilled martini glass, was the "precious" part mentioned above. It felt gimmicky and overly complicated, overshadowing the delicious potential of the ingredients.

      Also, I was surprised at the very thin wine list for a place of this stature and price point. Very unremarkable selection. No threat to any outpost of Joel Robuchon.

      So, for me, a la carte vs. fixed menu is no longer the question. Rather, it's whether I would return. My wife and I agreed that we would return only to sit at the bar to eat simply from the menu, selecting for ingredients rather than "twist.". Several patrons chose this more casual option, receiving great service from the skilled and friendly bartender. We were jealous of the lively and unpretentious meal they enjoyed.