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Oct 31, 2011 06:04 PM

Gourmet Garden / Gourmet Malaysia

I was picking up some Mee Goreng at Gourmet Garden on the weekend, when I noticed they had signs up saying they would be moving across the street to 4466 Sheppard Ave. East. The lady taking my order said the other location was already open and that the current location would stay open for now. It has sit down service and the same menu as the takeout place. Looking across the street it has taken over the spot of 2 previous AYCE restaurants.

As well I wanted to know if anybody has tried the new place yet and how it compares food wise to the old location.

Gourmet Garden Restaurant
4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

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  1. I was here about a month ago, but the food court stall. Didn't realize until I saw it all printed on their take-out menus. This is one of my favourite places in Toronto, I like everything about it. Reminds me of eating at wet markets/hawker centres.

    Would be nice if they had a menu w/ exclusives at the sit down restaurant. I kinda look forward to sitting in that ratty food court to be honest, so the drive to check the new spot is low.

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      based on recommendations from this board, it is now one of our family's favorites. We go every 2 weeks. Especially on weekends since we love the shrimp soup noodle, stir fry noodle and chicken rice.
      We would love the new location since we will have utensils and bigger table. Would be surprised if they charged same prices though. But would be nice.

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        I didn't eat there so I don't know the portion sizes but prices are the same

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        I agree, I love eating in that food court. Last time I ate at the food court but stopped in across the street to order a chendol to go..
        They no longer have it at the food court (or the whole snack side)

      3. Do they have some good dishes that are not spicy? I tried it once and the few dishes we ordered were pretty spicy for my buds (I'm a spice wimp), plus my little ones can't eat the spicy stuff at all. I guess that's part of the authenticity of the place.

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          The chicken satay is a outstanding, though the accompanying peanut dipping sauce has a little bite to it. There are also beef (a little tough), lamb (haven't tried) and shrimp (I think) versions too.
          Meat is flavourful enough to not need dipping sauce at all.

        2. I'm planning to go to the new location tonight, but when I called their old phone number. A lady picked up and said wrong number. :( Is the new sit down location at 4466 Sheppard Ave. East opened? I just wanted to confirm if they are opened on Monday and what time they're opened till tonight.

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          1. re: tracyyme

            They're open today. Try 416-332-8765. Best thing they sell is poh pia which they only have on the weekends.

          2. I would avoid this place on any busy night. I went to the new operation two weeks ago on a Sunday night. The service was absolutely non existant. I stood at the door for 10 minutes before someone asked how many were in my party (I was alone, no one else waiting at the door). After I indicated "1", she takes the menu and passes it off to the guy behind the cashier. He takes over and looks around see that there aren't any open seats and asks me to wait a few minutes. 30 seconds later, 3 tables leave and empty out. I wait another 5 minutes and I have to go back to him to remind him as he's forgotten about me already! During this whole time I was the only person waiting at the door.

            To keep a long story short, service was absolutely in chaos. Supremely understaffed. 4 waiters covering the whole restaurant and stepping over each other. Every table I could see had to flag them down to ask for something. To compound this nightmare, there happened to be a person who needed hand holding to be guided through the menu. It was like she never ate asian food before. Asking the most basic questions and tying up that waiter for 10-15 minutes. I had to ask twice for my bill!

            They don't even have a computer system to take orders. All orders are written by hand. The food is great but they have severely bitten off more than they can chew. Just because you run a food court stall doesn't mean you can run a restaurant.

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            1. re: sbug206

              I was there (by myself) on a Friday evening a few weeks back. Busy - just about every table in use, but no lineup occurred and my service was fine. Food was excellent. Value superb - I was the only Caucasian in the place though - and they obviously noticed and politely asked me how I knew about it - so somebody was on the ball.

              Just too far out of my (regular) way to be a regular - but wouldn't hesitate if I was in the area.

            2. @ torontobelly. Thanks torontobelly. I called 416-332-8765 and the lady on the phone didn't understand what I was talking about. I tried speaking to her in both Chinese and English in hopes that she'll understand one or the other. :( Didn't work. I'll just show up at the restaurant instead. :)

              @ sbug206 Since it's a Moday, hopefully we'll get more service than the weekend. :) I'll keep in mind not to show up on evenings closer to the end of the week. I hate it when I don't get service from restaurants too. Had the same experience at this newly opened Taiwanese restaurant behind First Markham Place (right next to A La Kitchen). No service, didn't even have water, waited about an hour for fried chichen with noodles, understaffed with new waiter/waitress. not a plesant experience.

              A La Kitchen
              21 Fairburn Dr, Markham, ON L6G0A5, CA