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Oct 31, 2011 05:51 PM

Classic Chippy, Glasgow and Edinburgh

I'd like to get a quick bite of fish and chips at a typical chippy in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Any recommendations relatively near downtown? I'm having trouble picking between the options that keep popping up. My ideal spot would feature fresh fish and fresh-cut potatoes, is there such a place?

Chippy Doon the Lane
Jack McPhee's
Philadelphia Fish and Chicken
Harry Ramsden's

Cafe Piccante
Deep Sea

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  1. In Glasgow. McPhees and the Philadelphia yes, the Chippy Doon The Lane I thought was terrible and I haven't personally experienced Ramsdens.

    The Chippy Doon The Lane
    McCormack Lane, 84 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3AN, GB

    1. Definitely Tailend in Edinburgh

      1. Tailend is the only restaurant that I would particularly recomend in Edinburgh. Rapido has aweful chips sometimes and the others are just bog standard chippys. Nothing to get excited about but nothing wrong either.