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Oct 31, 2011 04:49 PM

White Liliy Flour- quoth the Raven, nevermore

I live 16 miles from the mill and pass by it at least once a month. My dearest wish has been for someone to take over the site and start milling great regional flour.

Wishes seldom are fullfilled.

Now White Lily is going to be an apartment complex with loft apartments.

At the grocery store today, my local store had White Lily five pound bags on sale. Back when White Lily was milled just down the road, our grocery would sell out all their White Lily, anytime it went on sale. Today....the shelves didn't need to be restocked at all.

The Raven was right.

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  1. How much wheat is grown in the region?

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    1. re: paulj

      There's an active artisan movement over in North Carolina (google-able) and some of my neighbor farmers have grown wheat with success. In our immediate area, soybeans are easier, climate wise, because we've a ready local source for lime fertilizer from the tailings from our lead-zinc district.
      The White Lily mill is/was right next to the main rail lines..easy delivery for many, many decades.

    2. That's so sad, Shallots.

      1. shallots, I was very sorry to hear this too. Another knock for your area.

          1. that would have made my mom very sad. it was her favorite for her wonderful fluffy biscuits.