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Oct 31, 2011 02:18 PM

Restaurant with great music or pub with great food... ?

I'm looking for a restaurant with great food, music and vibe to celebrate a birthday with a bunch of friends. I'm not the supper club type, but I would be interested in an establishment where the music is great and the food as well. I know I should try Garde-Manger, but reserving a table is such a pain. Great interior design and decoration would be appreciated (cool place, but not necessarily fancy-smchancy)!

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  1. Smoked Meat Pete's on Ile Perrot, the best smoked meat by far, and the bands are awesome as well.

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    1. re: EaterBob

      Smoked meat petes was at tall ship festival in old Montreal handing out samples and carving slices for sandwiches, although not a smoked meat fan I succombed and found their smoked meat sandwich very good. I wondered where they were located....

    2. How many people? Do you mean you don't want to reserve, or just not way in advance (as necessary for Garde)? And do you mean live music or just a good playlist?

      Icehouse always has a great soundtrack, but its a pain if you have a big group.

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        Actually, I think a gastropub is what I'm looking for. I don't mind reserving, but not way in advance. A good playlist is alright, no need for live bands. I like the Sparrow. I was actually picturing a place like Icehouse, but maybe bigger, a bit more comfortable - to enjoy a long evening - and with a bit more upscale food (although I LOVE the food at Icehouse).

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          Maybe Helm, Reservoir, or Nouveau Palais? But ya, its tough to know what makes good music..?

          Nouveau Palais
          281 Rue Bernard W, Montreal, QC H2V1T5, CA

          1. re: Fintastic

            I kind of forgot about Reservoir. Good idea! I'll have to try Helm. Music taste is a subjective matter indeed. I'm not that picky, but I'm not into dance music or just crappy stuff. Good music just helps the atmosphere!

      2. Great music is quite selective and I've never really eaten at a place thinking the music was great, although I have left a restaurant thinking the music sucked.
        Usually, the better the music, the worse the food (Icehouse did have good music and food, but I see you want more upscale)... as you move more upscale your music gets more downtempo (dinner house and generic beats or at worse The Big Chill soundtracks 1,2,3 on shuffle).
        Let me know if you find a restaurant with great tunes.