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Oct 31, 2011 12:42 PM

Terroni - Yonge Street

Does anyone know when this restaurant is opening? First I heard early 2011. Then Summer 2011. Then October 2011. Then November 2011. There is no information on their website. Ask the people that work at the other shops in Scrivener Square and you will get 5 different answers. Does anyone have credible information?

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  1. Are you referring to Bar Centrale located at 1095 Yonge Street (just south of Scrivener Square)? It's run by the Terroni group. It opened a few months ago and has had bad to mixed reviews.

    I understand there will also be an actual Terroni on the 2nd floor (perhaps this is what you've heard of). Whatever the estimate, restaurants are notoriously bad for opening on schedule so 5 different answers might have the same likelihood of being correct.

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      I went last month, I think it's too expensive for what you get, there is tons of good italian out there that deserve my hard earned money. Terroni on the 2nd floor would be good. Why did they close the one up the street it was so busy.

      1. re: gogomiser

        Their lease was up and they couldn't work out a deal on an extension. Landlord is crazy, if you ask me, given that they now have an utterly dead restaurant in its place (Divino), even more remarkable given how long it's been since Terroni's pizza restaurant has been closed.

        As to the original question, the opening date has been a moving target. My understanding - from credible sources - is that they are very close. As of last week, it was scheduled to open sometime in November. I'm hoping that hasn't changed as we are desperate for some good pizza in the 'hood. I believe it will be virtually identical to the menu that was at the previous Balmoral location.

      2. re: vidkid

        Yes I am referring to the second floor. They have been working on getting it ready for 6 months. Desperate to have it open but no one knows when

        1. re: stonewall36

          anyone have any news on this? word is they are training staff. looking for info!