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4-5 cups of sour cream - what the heck should I do with it?

Not much more to add here beyond the title of this post. I am awash in sour cream. Suggestions beyond a baked potato party? Thanks for all your creative thoughts...

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  1. I'd bake and freeze a bunch of sour cream pound cakes to give away during the holidays. May I ask how you ended up with so much sour cream?

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      I agree... baked goods that can be frozen. Muffins would be good, too.

    2. curry dishes, taco night, soups, mashed potatoes, stroganoff

      1. I'd use a cup to make stroganoff, a cup or 2 for french onion dip, and use the other 1-2 cups for topping baked potatoes, enchiladas, etc.

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          hmm...maybe I will bake tonight.... I had a big party and made a bunch of horseradish/mustard sauce for several buffet items, but ended up with way too much sour cream leftover. Stroganoff sounds yummy too -- esp with the east coast getting chilly so early this year. Thanks, all!

        2. If you have an ice cream maker, you could make this sour cream ice cream from Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich, which is great with fresh fruit or a berry sauce, or as an accompaniment to a fruit pie or tart: http://www.cookstr.com/recipes/sour-c...

          1. This panna-cotta can be your dessert after the beef stroganoff.


            Was a winner for me.

            1. Mix with brown sugar and serve with strawberrys

              1. It's the perfect time of year to make Sour Cream Apple Pie. Our family recipe has a streusel top. That stuff is so good for breakfast, cold straight from the fridge.

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                    I can vouch for that. I once had a similar dilemma (too much sour cream), which was combined with having too many apples, so I did a search for recipes with sour cream and apples and came upon one that sounds just like this one. I made 2 pies and had my husband bring 1 to work and I brought the other to my work. He apparently put his out at 8am and it was gone by 9.

                  2. Chicken paprikas; I have a scone recipe that uses sour cream; onion dip; sweetened with brown sugar for a crepes filling then topped with blueberries

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                      I ended up making 2 pound cakes and a dozen wonderful choc chip muffins - all of which delighted my neighbors and officemates who were the recipients of my sour cream overload! I saw the Medrich ice cream recipe - tucked it away for later!

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                        for the future, you can freeze it and use for baking projects calling for sour cream or buttermilk.