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Oct 31, 2011 12:19 PM

Emporia, Va for dinner

I'm heading to FL in Jan., 2012 and will be stopping at the Marriott Fairfield Inn overnight. Looking for a decent meal and would prefer not to go to a chain. Any locals have a good restaurant or maybe a bar/tavern with good bar food to recommend?

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  1. Raghound, I have seen a busy restaurant called Carolina Chicken and Barbecue there and the Yelp reviews are good. It is very conveniently located close to I-95. Everything else in that area is chain. I have developed the habit of stopping by Bojangles in Onley but would love to make a change. I hope you get some responses before your trip. I'm interested too.

    Also, I saw your Southeast post that you are also staying close to the Hilton Head Airport. There are two restaurants near there that my family enjoyed often - Cancun and The Yummy House. Carey Hilliard's is very popular but we hated it.

    My husband still travels there and enjoys Sam Snead's.

    River Street in Savannah is not hard to get to from the airport area and I think would be worth the effort. There is an actual Paula Deen bus tour that includes lunch at her restaurant. It is a hassle otherwise to get a table at The Lady and Son's. Just hanging out around River Street and Historic Savannah is lots of fun though. It is a very walkable city.

    Here is information about the Paula Deen tour in case you're interested:

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      I apologize. I just read the link I provided and realized the lunch may not still be at The Lady and Son's.
      For another idea that is quintessential Old South think about exiting into Beaufort. It is beautiful with antebellum homes and moss-covered ancient oaks, great restaurants too. They have recently rebuilt their riverside area and it is lovely.

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        Thanks for the response Sensuous. I never think about Yelp. I'm gonna have to start checking that out. Also, thanks for the info in the Savannah area. This is my first time stopping in those areas. My prior PA to FL trips have been a single stop in Florence, SC, but I've decided to be a little easier on myself this time.

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          You're welcome. Yes, that is a long drive to Florence.

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          As an FYI to the OP, the airport exit (where Sam Snead's and Yummy House are located) is exit 104. The OP is staying at exit 94, per his post. A good bit further from downtown as well.

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            Yes, I will be at exit 94. Thanks for that info nstf!