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Oct 31, 2011 12:02 PM

Las Vegas Style Buffet in Niagara Falls - Too much to ask?

I am planning a day trip driving down to Niagara Falls with friends on the weekend, and may or may not involve a spontaneous shopping trip to the US, armed with our passports.

Since I can't live without good eats when I am on any trip, I am taking the initiative on researching for places that will please everybody.

One of the friends mentioned she's heard of "a good buffet in Niagara Falls", that I can't seem to find, I don't think she's talking about the Brazilian Grill that many have mentioned, which is said to be mediocre anyways. She's heard of this fabled buffet place from another friend of hers, so no other detail was given.

I've looked through the recommendation on the board, and no buffet is mentioned.

We won't be looking at any Chinese / Japanese / Indian AYCE buffets unless it's OUT OF THIS WORLD fabulous, as we do roam around Markham / Richmond Hill food scene on a regular basis, and do frequent some of the best choices discussed on the board.

This may be mission impossible.... but any help is appreciated!

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  1. I Googled buffets on the New York side and came up with "Thunder Falls Buffet" in the Seneca Niagara Casino that's consistently voted best buffet in western New York. Has anyone been and would it be best to cross the border?

    1. Wow, that's third hand info. Can't be talking about the buffets inside the two Casinos (the one in Casino Niagara is better) and the Chinese one near the Fallsview Casino is pretty wretched. Generally, the food is ordinary at an above ordinary price....something that could be said about most of the eateries in the downtown area. A number of the hotels and the Skylon Tower have their own buffets, but I haven't hear too much positive buzz about them...however, I have had no first hand experience either.

      Skylon Tower
      6300 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G7T8, CA

      1. Sorry I can tell you that on the Canadian side the buffets are not good. I have tried both buffets in the falls view and the one the older casino.
        Falls view has usually one or two dishes that are half acceptable (lunch or dinner) Breakfast is OK but not great by any means. Chinese buffet as mentioned by another post is pretty bad. Casino Niagara wasnt much better. I think you might want to try the new york forum as they might be able to help give more input on the US side of things.

        1. The Canadian casinos at Niagara are pretty sad in almost all respects compared with what you can get on the US side but neither comes close to Las Vegas. The meal I remember was actually an Indian buffet at, wait for it, a Travelodge that was close to the Seneca Falls Casino - across the parking lot and towards Goat Island. Not the best Indian buffet ever but pretty darn good. (This from a Brit).

          1. Thanks for all your information!

            Wow the truth makes me so sad!! But I guess I kind of knew it's too good to be true....

            OK, my plan B is to venture into the US for some good eats. Some of us are craving for Mexican food, are there any good recommendations along the route from, let's say, Niagara Falls area to Walden Galleria Mall?

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              Copacabana is not a buffet, but it's AYCE meat and it's fantastic, it's Brazillian BBQ.

              My friends always go to Cheesecake Factory when heading to Buffalo area. I have mixed emotions towards it. Otherwise, I've heard about a number of pizza places in the area that are not to be missed. Bocce Club Pizza was one.

              With regards to mexican food, I only have memories of Chi-Chi type places. I would never go back to said places.

              1. re: UptownGal

                The buffett at the Seneca Casino is the one people are talking about. I have been there more times than I would like to count and it is consistently good. There is a very wide range of food starting with limitless shrimp and crablegs, salad bar, moving on to prime rib and a big selection of American classics. That includes pulled pork, mac and cheese, collard greens, candied yams mashed potatoes and on and on. You also have a Chinese section, and usually either turkey or ham. You then reach the Italian selections with three or four pastas, pizzas, sausages, meatballs and God knows what else! I know I've missed quite a few things( if you can believe it). To end it all, they also have a very large selection of desserts. Not everything is fantastic, but enough of it is to make it worthwhile, considering it's only three blocks past the border and has free valet parking! If you get a Casino card they knock two dollars off the price. Anyway, go and have a good time!!

                1. re: Leslieville

                  Wow thank you so much! Will definitely go there if we do make that spontaneous shopping trip!