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Oct 31, 2011 11:57 AM

The Mediterranean Chef Cafe

Apparently this place has been open for a couple of months, but I just noticed it last week. It is on Aurora, a dead end street off Koenig a couple blocks west of lamar. Menu has most of your typical stuff for this sort of joint: baba, hummus, chicken/beef/lamb gyros, dolmas, spinach spanks, filo meat pies etc...

The first thing that struck me about the space is that it is evidently a commercial kitchen with a small cafe out front. Very, very airy and clean. I didn't know before going in, but they have a growing line of hummus, tabuleh, baba, dolmas etc. they said it is available at CM and WF and fresh plus and more.

I went for lunch and had a lamb gyro with a side of hummus and a dolma. Lamb was Kronos brand and really really tender. I would have liked it crisped up in a pan a bit more, but that is just my personal pref. It was a generous portion and had lots of nice diced tomato, lettuce, tzatziki and feta. the hummus tasted really fresh and was maybe the best i've had in town. Though, to be fare, I don't eat that much of the stuff.

The dolma had a really unique taste that I can't place, but it was delicious w/ overtones of sweet. The place was empty so service was a non issue, but everyone there was really friendly. it was staffed by the cooks who were preparing tabuleh and baba for their commerical business.

Lunch was under $15 after tip.

I will go back. I really want to try a filo meat pie.

another score for the hood!

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  1. Thanks ieat I liked it too. Hommus was excellent and baklava too. And the tabouli. We had the dolmas and the beef pie and the beet salad too (yogurt like tzatziki but with beet) and liked everything. 7.99 by the pound for everything so it got a bit expensive but still quite a find. They were so nice. Going back for turkish coffee and another baklava.

    1. Sounds interesting and inviting. I like Med food and it's in my neck of the woods. However, their website says nothing about hours of operation and a call to them at 12 PM gets a recording. A minor oversight but one that, to me, is very irritating. I will definitely try it though.

      1. That's awesome! I've been buying their hummus from Whip In for a couple years now; it's some of the best I've ever had. It's a bit unique... more garlicky and tangy than your average recipe. I've served it at parties several times and people always go nuts for the stuff. I'm really psyched to check out their other stuff, especially fresh from the source.

        1. multiple visits have confirmed their consistency and quality. Always super friendly too. and it's kinda cool to be able to watch them make the stuff you buy in the store while you eat your lunch.

          1. i work near there and the hummus and baba ganoosh rock.