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Oct 31, 2011 10:18 AM

Ideas for fruit dessert for Thanksgiving (not pie)

I would like to make a lighter fruit- based dessert for Thanksgiving this year. In years past I have made pies but we don't enjoy them fully because we are so full from the meal. I would also like something that is not too labor intensive. We will have 10-14 people. Thanks!

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  1. How about a nice light Cranberry Mousse?

    Here is a link to

    basically, you make a simple cranberry puree, an italian merangue, and fold together. very easy, very light. Simple to mulitply recipe too.
    Maybe topp with crushed gingersnaps for a contrast.

      1. Fruit salad. We often do that as no one in my extended family is a dessert hound. Perhaps served with shortbread cookies or a lemon poundcake. Another fruit dessert that was a hit one year was an apple/cranberry crisp served with vanilla ice cream. It was especially good as a left over the nex day.

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          I've received a request to make an apple crisp for Thanksgiving. Any particular recipes that you would recommend? Thanks!

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            I make this one by Ina Garten and people just go nuts for it (use any apples, omit the pears if you like, but keep the cranberries - they make the sauce a gorgeous pink!):


        2. I'm lazy so I tend to buy a lemon pound cake at the grocery store. Because it is Thanksgiving, I would buy a bag of frozen fruit like strawberries or peaches or mixed berries and make a coulis out of them then use custard or even sherbet or sorbet. So you put a slice of pound cake in a bowl, spoon some icr cream or sherbet onto it and then a spoonful or two of fruit. It doesn't take much and is wonderful.

          1. Parfaits are nice and light after a big meal like turkey day