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Ideas for fruit dessert for Thanksgiving (not pie)

I would like to make a lighter fruit- based dessert for Thanksgiving this year. In years past I have made pies but we don't enjoy them fully because we are so full from the meal. I would also like something that is not too labor intensive. We will have 10-14 people. Thanks!

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  1. How about a nice light Cranberry Mousse?

    Here is a link to cranberry.org...

    basically, you make a simple cranberry puree, an italian merangue, and fold together. very easy, very light. Simple to mulitply recipe too.
    Maybe topp with crushed gingersnaps for a contrast.

      1. Fruit salad. We often do that as no one in my extended family is a dessert hound. Perhaps served with shortbread cookies or a lemon poundcake. Another fruit dessert that was a hit one year was an apple/cranberry crisp served with vanilla ice cream. It was especially good as a left over the nex day.

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          I've received a request to make an apple crisp for Thanksgiving. Any particular recipes that you would recommend? Thanks!

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            I make this one by Ina Garten and people just go nuts for it (use any apples, omit the pears if you like, but keep the cranberries - they make the sauce a gorgeous pink!):


        2. I'm lazy so I tend to buy a lemon pound cake at the grocery store. Because it is Thanksgiving, I would buy a bag of frozen fruit like strawberries or peaches or mixed berries and make a coulis out of them then use custard or even sherbet or sorbet. So you put a slice of pound cake in a bowl, spoon some icr cream or sherbet onto it and then a spoonful or two of fruit. It doesn't take much and is wonderful.

          1. Parfaits are nice and light after a big meal like turkey day

            1. A tray of cut/cubed or otherwise prepped and ready to eat fruit would be lovely and light. Get a poundcake, if you think folks would want a little more, with a bowl of whipped cream, and whipped chocolate. Folks can make their own parfaits, from elaborate to simple.

              1. We often have our dessert an hour or two after the big dinner, for the reason that you cite for not enjoying your pie. Just a thought.

                1. My mom always made a simple fresh fruit salad: sliced peaches, bananas, green grapes (in half) and strawberries, chunked apples and pineapple - really whatever fresh fruit was available. The dressing was a 1 cup carton of whipping cream, whipped (no sugar - just plain whipping cream). No one could ever stop nibbling and eating at it.

                  1. poached pears, which you make on Wednesday

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                      That sounds good! Pears are really good this year.

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                        with a bittersweet chocolate sauce on the side.
                        two hours after main course.
                        or baked apples stuffed with pecans and dried apricots. Homey but festive, which is how I like my Thanksgiving dinner,

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                          All good. Or perhaps apple dumplings fancied up? I haven't had an apple dumpling since childhood.

                    2. The apple cake on SmittenKitchen.com is real great.


                        1. Here's a thought.

                          Why not just served fresh cut fruit as dessert?

                          Nothing is simpler, and really, nothing is finer than fresh ripe fruit to finish off what is no doubt a rich and hearty Thanksgiving dinner.

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                          1. I think a good alternative to pies that's is a very easy to make is a cobbler/Brown Betty/Crisp. The dessert with the brown sugar, cinnamon crumb topping, not the one with a biscuit topping.

                            1. Thanks for all the ideas. It looks like we are going the pie route (again). We do wait a couple of hours after the main meal but even then seems too much..... Well at least pie makes good leftovers!

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                                Perfect breakfast the day after!