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Oct 31, 2011 09:19 AM

Pardes Restraunt or ......

I love Pardes and have been there a couple of times recently.
My wife wants to go out for my birthday, and I am hjappy going back to Pardes but is there anywhere else I should go?

I dont want a "regular" restraunt like Prime Grill of Le Maries.
and obviosly in the NYC area.


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  1. Have you done the chef's tasting menu at Pardes? I was planning on taking my hubby there for his. ;)

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    1. re: tamarw

      What about Basil.

      I'm big on meat and low on dairy, and I thought Basil was great. Waiting to go back.

      1. re: njkosher

        Have not tried the tasting menu (although I have had it at Mike's)

        And really prefered Meat

        1. re: MaTi

          I STRONGLY recommend the tasting menu. I think we had 3-4 meat courses and a bunch of fish courses, and as much as I don't really take a liking to fish, it was actually delicious. I loved it.

          I am VERY excited to do it again.

          1. re: tamarw

            What was the $ on the tasting menu? I kinda like ordering my own thing though.

            1. re: MaTi

              $95/person (plus costs for beer/wine if you elect to go with pairings). You call in advance and you can specify preferences so that the chef can take them into consideration. I mentioned that I liked meat more than fish but I got about 50/50. I was still really impressed.

    2. Ok so Basil it is, what is good there?

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      1. re: MaTi

        Why did you rule out Pardes?

        Sorry, haven't been to Basil.

        1. re: MaTi

          MaTi, I highly recommend the salmon filet with grapes and potato pockets at Basil. It was really delicious!

          1. re: Bzdhkap

            Do a search for Basil Pizzeria on Chowhound and there are a couple of good reviews