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Oct 31, 2011 09:10 AM

Fantastic baguettes -- LeoNora Bakery, Arlington

Yesterday at Arrowine, we bought two baguettes for our assorted cheeses. **

One was "seeded" and the other plain. I had not seen these before, but they were terrific! Better than those from Firehook, which in their heyday were the best.

The seeded one was nice and savory -- what a treat! I see that someone else shares my high opinion: I found that review because I actually was trying to identify the seeds in there -- maybe three varieties -- but I haven't baked bread in a while and am not recalling the seed types. i think one was flax, though, and another was pumpkin seed.

The plain one was great, too. But that seeded one is special. It'd be terrific with a hearty soup, too.

The crust is …well, crusty., but it doesn't crackle apart like many "baguettes" I've had around here. The inside is of a slightly "rustic" texture -- not doughy like many.

I had to keep the leftover baguette pieces overnight, and amazingly from the ziplock the bread was softer! Well, I guess that isn't so amazing, but that seeded baguette with Bucheron made a nice breakfast, I'll say.

The bakery is in Clarendon. I've never been, but am anxious to check it out.

In the photo, you'll see the baguette pieces top and bottom along with a five year old Gouda (the darkest, top left and bottom right), Swiss unpasteurized "Hozhofer" (bottom) and Bucheron -- plus mortadella. Excellent cheeses. That Swiss one's rind had microcrystallization from salt, like you find in a larger way in good Parm. Neat. It was definitely a strong cheese. The gouda was nutty and so savory that a tiny little chunk had a big flavor. The Bucheron, well, the rind zone this time was the best, the rind and the really ripened part just inside the rind.

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  1. Thank you for the public service announcement. I am always in search of a good baguette. I've been relying on Uptown bakery baguettes from the farmers market, closing for the season soon, and in a pinch Pain Quotidian's. But I see Leonora Bakery's baguettes can be purchased in Alexandria too - north end of OT.

    1. correction: re the seeded baguette -- i meant *sunflower* and not *pumpkin* seed.

      i also was told by katie at arrowine that the baguette has *two* types of flax seed in addition to the sunflower seed.

      1. we went to the bakery's location in arlington the other day, but they weren't yet open for business. i called their # and the lady told me that they hope to open this location before thanksgiving. they are still waiting for some last inspection by arlington county. she told me to watch their website for updates.

        she was very nice and i told her how i loved the seeded baguette, and how i bought it at arrowine.

        she told me that they are now selling brioche at arrowine on sunday. i will be trying that this sunday, for sure!

        1. The clarendon location just opened on saturday, dec. 10, 2011.

          i went in today just before noon, and found a beautiful aroma of eggs and vanilla, and a very happy and small artisan baking crew, along with the beautiful and so-friendly proprietor.

          the madeleines (plain and chocolate-dipped) were astounding, and there was a beautiful set of breads and croissants.

          also, there was a fabulous quiche with salmon and goat cheese that would be terrific for a holiday party.

          the owner said that she is selling out of panettone. up.

          1. Here are some of my photos.

            Nice people!

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                I live in Clarendon and can tell you that these are the best baguettes i've had in the area. I have been to Paris,France and Overseas and have had great baguettes. These are similar in the way that they are made with great care and are vibrant and still eatable after several days. Most crusty baguettes i've found are only good for a day or so. Any other softer french bread found in the mass markets are not worth buying to begin with. I've had her plain baguettes and the ham and cheese baguette and can say that they are excellant. Please support your local bakery.

                1. re: enoisone

                  Thanks for your report! We've spent a lot of time in France and these LeoNora baguettes can definitely hold their own. Wow.