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Best restaurant desserts?

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My wife just did her second half-Ironman yesterday (meanwhile I sit on the couch, laptop in hand, quite proud of her and not quite as proud of myself). ;)

We're going to go out to dinner tonight when she gets back. When I asked her what she wanted, she said "someplace with great desserts." I think she justifiably feels she's earned the calories.

So, the question: what restaurants in SD have great desserts? (I.e., not standalone dessert places)

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  1. Bankers Hill has a very talented pastry chef who produces great pies and a killer butterscotch pot de creme. We also like the creative desserts that Urban Solace/Solace and the Moonlight Lounge put out. Try the decadent coconut caramel cake. Amazing. Must have about 1,000 calories per slice. Lastly, treat her to a fantastic view and great meal at Eddie V's and top it off with their incredible bananas foster cake. Amazing.

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      Yeah, I’ll second those recommendations, well, Urban and Bankers Hill. Haven’t been to Eddie V’s

      The Linkery has been good too - mmm, there was an chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwhich thing that I remember. Current menu doesn’t have that, but it’s an idea. And there isn’t anything saying that you can’t have dinner AND dessert and then go another spot for TWO MORE desserts. :)

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        Second the pies and butterscotch pot de creme at Banker's Hill. And Eddie V's - had a great berry cobbler and a one of those ubiquitous chocolate molten cakes. Both were totally tasty and satisfying. Cafe Chloe has, in my opinion, one of the best chocolate pot de cremes in town.

        Cafe Chloe
        721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

      2. One of my favs is the Gran Marnier souflette at Morton's, although not my fav place for dinner you can sit at the bar, have a glass of delicate Ice Wine or something similar, and dig in. I also like the creme brulle at Donovan's.

        1. I enjoyed the Panna Cotta at Nine Ten, and I'm a person who really isn't all that into desserts

          1. The Butterscotch Pudding at Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza up in Encinitas.I am prety sure that it is the only one they have, but it is worth it.

            1. if Nine-Ten still has the 1/2 baked chocolate cake, that was chocolate heaven in a bowl!

              1. Best Panna Cotta for me is at Farmhouse Cafe. Best Souffle at Bizcoccho. Best desserts that I can't find anywhere, the Savarine and the Oeouf a la Neige.

                Addison can have fantastic stuff and then run of the mill stuff.

                1. Thank you everyone!

                  We went to Banker's Hill based on your recommendations. Plus, I haven't been there yet, been wanting to check it out, and it's on the way home from the airport.

                  Great dinner and we loved the butterscotch pudding dessert. I remember the extensive threads on this place after it opened. I'd agree that the menu isn't always innovative and I found my BBQ pork tacos too sweet in isolation, although the mix of toppings helped.

                  But this is the kind of place that might get a little short shrifted on a place like CH. I like being blown away by great food as much as the next guy. This place won't do that. But I don't think it's trying to. The food is competent, appealing, and quite fairly priced (entrees under $20, which is the new over $30?). But while it's totally fair to critique the food, there's more to a dinner out than just that.

                  It's a beautiful space, warm and comfortable, much better than the overly dark Modus (although tables are too tight; on a Monday night that wasn't an issue). Past reviews have complained about service. Ours was spot on -- friendly, timely, and unfailingly polite. We liked our cocktails (and Honkman may be happy to know that the cocktail menu is now on every table). They have Sculpin' IPA on tap, among many other beer options. Some past reviews almost mocked them for their taste -- the nice typography on the menus, the cool doors, etc. I say kudos. We eat with all of our senses.

                  I'll go back. Not specifically for the food, although it's good enough for me. But for the whole package.

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                    "...and Honkman may be happy to know that the cocktail menu is now on every table.." - Definitely an improvement we noticed recently. (Food was better on our second visit after a year but still underwhelming for us compared to other below $20 places like Alchemy, Urban Solace, Starlite and Cucina Urbana).
                    If you liked their butterscotch pudding (even though this dessert seems to become the short ribs of dessert) you should try the one at Blue Ribbon Pizzeria, best variation in SD.