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Oct 31, 2011 08:33 AM

Vintage Duncan Hines Cookware

It's too bad that packaged cake mixes are the primary association with the name Duncan Hines.
He was an interesting fellow and quite the Chowhound! Towards the end of his life and writing career there was a wide range of products produced with his name and approval.

I recently found a Duncan Hines saucepan at a thrift store and became curious about it. It appears well made and quite serviceable - similar in quality to older Revereware. Does anyone know if the cookware was carried in stores or if it was obtained as premiums after purchasing packaged products? Was it available by the set or by the piece?

I remember premiums as a popular merchandising technique in the '60's. My mother went nuts purchasing a boxed laundry detergent in order to get a full set of matching bath towels. Groceries had sets of dishes available which could be purchased by the piece. Each week a different piece was on sale if you had a big enough grocery bill.

Appreciate any memories and information that you have!

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  1. When America was America: Free encyclopedias; dishes at the Sunoco, a toaster from the bank, etc.

    1. Seen your question. I bought my wife the duncan hines 11piece set back in the early 80's for around $70. We are still using it today. The reason I was searching is because the wife was steaming carrots in the medium sauce pan and cooked dry. I searched the web to find another one but she had it clean by the time I got here. The only paper work I have is the recipe book that came with set. Hope this helps.

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        Hi, Kev:

        Can you post photos of what the DH wares look like?


      2. Some of the Duncan Hines cookware I have seen bore the Regal Ware moniker, 18/8, triply, made in USA. Also, it appeared to be similar in design to the waterless variety, similar in appearance to our old Lustrecraft. 18/8 try-ply. Ours has the carbon steel core and is quite heavy. I am not sure what the plies in DH would be but it sure looked sturdy.

        1. I bought a set of Duncan Hines pots more than 30years ago. While clearing out the basement and found a few pieces from the set. The 4 quart pot is missing both handles. I am looking to replace them. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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            I saw on the web this site which showed who refurbished some Duncan Hines cookware with new handles, etc...


          2. I have an entire set which I love. I have been married for 35 years. We got it as a Christmas gift the first year we were married. I have had the handles replaced once on two of the pots but other than that it is still in exceptional condition. We have two homes now. I wish I could buy another set of these pots/pans. I love them. My kids both wanted them when they started up their real jobs but I wouldn't let them take them.